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China's Culture and Society, Marketing in China, The Great Chinese Revolution
Beijing, China
Program Type:
Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Fall Semester, Spring Semester

Program Overview

Program Description:
China has one of the world's oldest civilizations, consisting of states and cultures dating back more than six millennia. It has the world's longest, continuously used written language system and has been developing very rapidly. It is expected that at some point in the 21st century,China's economy will become the largest in the world. Undoubtedly, as China continues its growth and development, it will become more and more influential as one of the dominant players in the world. By becoming acquainted with the country, you will be taking a step forward in understanding the forces that will shape one of the most important countries of the 21st century.

China's Culture and Society, Marketing in China, The Great Chinese Revolution

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Setting Description:
The Semester in Beijing: Chinese Business & Culture program offers students an in-depth view of the Chinese economy, business life, and culture. The academic curriculum combines courses in Chinese Business and Culture, instructed in English. This program is suitable for students with limited, or no Mandarin language skills. From Beijing - the capital of China - students will also visit the Great Wall of China, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Xi'An.