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Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, Spanish Studies
Barcelona, Spain
Program Type:
Intensive Language
Degree Level:
4-6 months

Program Overview

Program Description:
Spain is consistently one of the most popular locations for study abroad and for good reason! The light, the colors, the food, the architecture and the people are all painted in broad, vibrant strokes that make you feel alive! Spain has hundreds of interesting cities but the most important (and most popular) is Barcelona, our host location in Spain. Barcelona, is a lively and culturally-rich city in the province of Catalonia. This eclectic coastal metropolis is an ideal place for students to improve their Spanish skills, immerse themselves in the dynamic Catalonian lifestyle and explore Spain's majestic Costa Brava.

Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, Spanish Studies

Our programs are a superb value. The program fee provides for all tuition, academic fees, housing, international days (if any), local excursions, medical insurance and use of a local cell phone.
Setting Description:
The Semester in Barcelona: Spanish Immersion is a great opportunity for students who are fluent in Spanish to interact with Spanish students and faculty and take courses in a wide array of disciplines. Students may enroll in three to five courses offered by the UAB to its regular Spanish students at its main campus in Bellaterra, about 30 minutes from downtown Barcelona.In addition to their chosen coursework, students will benefit from several cultural site visits in Barcelona and excursions to Madrid and other locations along Catalonia's coast, as well as related immersion activities to build comfort in interacting in Spanish.