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* Able to work in a hot climate * Good physical fitness * Motivation to work with animals and plants * Basic English and/or Portuguese * Full travel & medical insurance * Necessary vaccinations * Necessary flights and visas
Brasilia, Brazil
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Intern Abroad
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Year Round
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Sciences & Environment

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Forget the Amazon. Brazil's Pantanal region- a tropical wetland basin that covers over 200,000 square kilometres- boasts the greatest concentration of wildlife in the Americas. Spilling over into neighbouring Bolivia and Paraguay, it is a sparsely populated region (there are no towns) and transportation is challenging at best. But for budding environmentalists looking to gain experience in one of the world's most unique ecosystems this programme provides an unmissable research and conservation opportunity. You will take part in ongoing academic research into the diverse flora and fauna in this area of rich beauty and biodiversity. Working alongside other scientists and researchers, you will develop and implement skills necessary for a career in environmental research and conservation. Specifically this project will help understand how the Pantanal's peccaries, tapirs, agoutis, and other frugivores, like macaws, certain fish, and numerous insects, affect tropical forest dynamics. The work at the plateau region of the Pantanal will attempt to discover which species of fruiting plants and frugivores are key to the survival of the entire forest ecosystem. In addition, by extending the project from the Pantanal basin to the plateau regions, the project will further measure cattle impacts on palm recruitment, fruit diversity, and aquatic habitats. Preliminary data from censuses show that fruit availability varies widely between habitats, seasons, and years. Focal observations have revealed plant-frugivore interactions that have important conservation implication. Therefore, studies of frugivores, and peccary populations in fragmented habitats will be essential for their long-term survival and will assist wildlife managers establish viable conservation units.

* Able to work in a hot climate * Good physical fitness * Motivation to work with animals and plants * Basic English and/or Portuguese * Full travel & medical insurance * Necessary vaccinations * Necessary flights and visas

You will be working with participating ranchers to complete an evaluation of the current state of the ranches. Activities will include; * Implementing management actions and conservation measures to reduce pressure on natural resources, habitat conversion, and the decline of populations of key species. * Monitoring financial and socio-economic baselines, as well as landscape features, environmental characteristics, and taxa that are the most effective indicators of change when studying cattle management practices. A typical day will include up to 5 - 7 hours in the field. You should be prepared to walk 5-10 km/day. Tasks may include mammal and fruit data collection, exploring and mapping new areas, GPS registration of mammal tracks, capturing peccaries (wild, pig-like creatures), conducting diet analysis and data entry, setting up camera traps, and participating in other projects in the area. Extra Activities The multi-disciplinary nature of the research centre, makes it ideal for engaging the local community in conservation issues. It also boasts numerous biodiversity monitoring programs with birds, herpetofauna, and plants. You will be able to participate in these activities, help construct our extraordinary bird and herptofauna list of species. Extra activities will involve participating in community social events, helping local landowners implement their management technique, and of course exploring new regions, caves, and beautiful waterfalls.
Fee: £330 GBP Project Fee for 2 weeks + £249 GBP Placement Fee What's Included: Project Fee includes all food, accommodation, 24 hour support, project activities and transport from the the HQ to the field. We charge a flat, one-off Placement Fee of £249 GBP per person per project. This covers our costs for promoting the project and providing our services. We offer full pre-departure support (for all necessary flights, visas and vaccinations) and ongoing assistance throughout your placement

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