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Although it retains its distinctive ancient title of 'Hall', which dates back to the thirteenth century before most other colleges had been founded, St. Edmund Hall, with approximately 400 undergraduates, boasts one of the largest undergraduate student bo
Oxford, United Kingdom
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Study Abroad
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Academic Year

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Although it retains its distinctive ancient title of 'Hall', which dates back to the thirteenth century before most other colleges had been founded, St. Edmund Hall, with approximately 400 undergraduates, boasts one of the largest undergraduate student bodies among the Oxford Colleges. At St. Edmund Hall intellectual curiosity and debate, adventurousness, and the enjoyment of ideas exchanged between disciplines is encouraged. Students thrive in the supportive and intellectually challenging environment of a college firmly dedicated to the tutorial system, but employing a variety of other teaching methods. Students also find time for a wide range of extra-curricular interests, including music, journalism drama, art, creative writing, sport and charitable activities. 

Every year St. Edmund Hall offers two or three spaces for George Mason University students. Modern and progressive in its outlook, the College furthers scholarship in a range of Arts and Sciences subjects. Attending St. Edmund Hall provides not only a matchless chance to live in the heart of Oxford, but the opportunity to be taught by tutors of recognized distinction in their fields and to enjoy being part of an energetic and varied community.


Mason undergraduate students with a grade point average of 3.70 or higher.

Academics at Oxford

Students interested in studying in Oxford over the academic year need to have high academic aspirations and be intellectually ambitious. Oxford students learn through a unique tutorial system. In a tutorial, a tutor and one, two, or three students spend an hour discussing the topic of the tutorial. Occasionally, a tutorial is replaced with faculty classes or seminars. Students are expected to do substantial independent library work and periodically produce written essays and oral presentations for their tutorials. Since the instruction is individualized, Oxford does not have a course catalog. Students in the Oxford Academic Year Experience study the same subjects and often share tutorials with Oxford students. The student's academic experience will closely resemble the experience of an Oxford second year undergraduate. Most Oxford undergraduate degrees are three year degree programs.

Choosing Courses Abroad

The Oxford academic year is made up of three terms. Students take two tutorials each term, one primary and one secondary. Primary tutorials transfer as 6 undergraduate credits, secondary tutorials transfer as 4 undergraduate credits. Students earn 30 credits for the full year. 

The tutorial preferences you state on the application form will be used when considering your application, and based on these the college will make you an offer of study of specific course options. Once this offer has been accepted it is extremely difficult to change your tutorials. Remember this when indicating your tutorial preferences on the application form as you should expect that the courses you list will be the courses you end up studying, rather than just an initial indication of preference. Give careful thought to your selections and discuss it with your Academic Adviser.

The discipline for each credit depends on the content of the tutorial. Once accepted by the Oxford college, students seek credit approval from the appropriate Mason department to ensure that credits will apply appropriately to their Mason degree. Applicants use paragraph tutorial descriptions created for each tutorial topic, then submitted for review by the appropriate Mason department for credit approval. Credit approval is captured via the Oxford Academic Year Petition for Transfer Credit Form.

Program Cost: 2017-2018: Humanities - $44,478; Math & Sciences - $49,504 Included: 30 credits undergraduate tuition 50 meals per term plus £25 towards the cost of lunches Single room in college housing (including utilities) Full access to all libraries, University lectures, and facilities Membership to Junior Common Room International Travel Insurance Pre-Departure Orientation Administrative services in Oxford and at George Mason University Not Included: Most meals Transportation Internati

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