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Fly Study Abroad offers our participants a flexible course on an individual basis which is adapted perfectly to suit the personal needs and specifications of each student. Topics are selected according to a program which develops following the particular
Cordoba, Argentina
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Study Abroad
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Academic Year, Fall Semester, MayMester Intersession, Rolling Starts, Spring Break, Spring Semester, Summer, Winter Semester, Year Round

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Córdoba is a global city, reflecting the world in its expansive diversity of cultures, ethnicities and ideas. Students from all over the world reflect this diversity, they arrive not only to find themselves and “make it” here, but to teach –and learn from- each other (not to mention build amazing friendships along the way). This makes student life at Córdoba a remarkable, life-changing experience. Córdoba offers many of the essential activities that are traditionally associated with student life, and its location in the heart of Argentina creates a setting that presents a myriad of non-traditional opportunities that will supplement and accentuate the student life experience.

Fly Study Abroad offers our participants a flexible course on an individual basis which is adapted perfectly to suit the personal needs and specifications of each student. Topics are selected according to a program which develops following the particular requirements of the student or professional. The main focus of the one to one Spanish course is conversation. Apart from the general content, specific topics are studied according to the profession of the student; for exams; specific aspects of the language; advanced grammar; the ability to make one's self effectively understood; and the development of oral communication. Our courses take place at lametro, one of the most important design school in latin america. Take a tour through this amazing organization on their website.

Volunteering is a way of committing with the society that surrounds us. By helping others in need, you have the opportunity to get nothing else but personal satisfaction/reward. Espanex collaborates with associations, non profit institutions, homes, dining rooms and churches so as to aid the community. This type of volunteer work allows the needy to receive the help government can not provide. In this way hundreds of organizations facilitate the operation of this program by means of raising funds or humanitarian aid. Why volunteering? › You have the chance to change other people's life, even yours › You have the opportunity to meet other people with similar interests and to make friends from all over the world › You can not only donate money, but also part of your time by helping others › You feel you are doing something positive, making a difference, doing things better › You will be able to feel proud of the aims you achieve for a certain organization The volunteer programs in Argentina are personalized, due to the fact that they are linked to the activities each of the organizations, foundations, dining rooms etc, is carrying out and to its special needs at the moment. Therefore the activities will be very specific in each case, thus, benefiting all the parts involved. There are many other Organizations and Foundations where you can participate and colaborate. Do not hesitate to contact us and find out more about our Volunteer Programs in Argentina. You can also apply for and Internship in a High Quality Company: Services included in the internship › Orientation class and welcome meeting › Interview with the professional or the company to get to know the company's specific conditions › Permanent help of our coordinator during the length of the program › Certificate for participating in the internship program given by the company Requirements › Be older than 18 years old and have finished secondary school › Program registration at least 6 weeks in advance › Intermediate level of Spanish › Application letter › Certificate of studies in progress (for students) › Curriculum Vitae (for graduates) › Medical insurance
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some of the reasons why it will work for you: » Excellent schools Students have been coming to learn Spanish in Argentina for years, particularly since the 2001 economic crisis, when it became more economical for people to study here. As a result, you`ll find the choice of Spanish courses and the quality of the schools to be generally a lot higher than elsewhere in Latin America. » Great infrastructure You want culture, but not culture shock. Argentina turns out to be a perfect fit where you could enjoy its unique Latin American culture and highly developed infrastructure. In fact, you will be shocked by the European characteristics of some of the country's major cities, like Córdoba. Transportation options include some of the best national bus services you'll find anywhere in the world, plus trains and airports to take you to any corner of South America. You`ll also find the shops, restaurants and public areas to be of a similar standard to those back home. » A window into Latin A
Intensive Spanish course 20 hrs per week USD 160 Super Intensive Spanish course 30 hrs per week USD 210 Special Course: One on One Spanish course 10 Individual hrs with a teacher USD 250 Special Course: Combined Spanish Course 20 hrs per week + 5 individual hrs USD 270 DELE course 15 groupal hrs per week + 8 individual hrs USD 300 ACCOMMODATION: Family Stay Individual room w/ breakfast USD 170 Individual room w/ half-board USD 210 Double room w/ breakfast USD 140 Doub