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Our class sizes are small to increase individual attention and student-teacher interaction. Your FLS instructors will be accessible throughout the program. Average number of students in a class is 12 (Maximum: 15).

The FLS curriculum is constr
Philadelphia, United States
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Study Abroad
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Academic Year, Fall Semester, Rolling Starts, Spring Break, Spring Semester, Summer, Winter Semester, Year Round

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For over 30 years, FLS has been a leader in innovative English language programs. With our winning combination of committed teachers, a contemporary curriculum, and creative ways for students to use English in the community, it’s no surprise that FLS students finish our programs with new fluency and confidence!

FLS core classes are a major part of our English Programs. Made up of 18 levels from Low Beginner to High Advanced, the core sequence is an integrated skills program that teaches speaking, listening, reading, and writing through a modern curriculum, teacher coaching and communicative activities. Our system simulates the way you learned your native language, through the natural use of all skills together. The daily core class uses modern, colorful textbooks with fascinating topics, an American reader and regular testing of your progress. Each class also includes English Everywhere Hot Sheets, with key vocabulary, conversation starters and important lessons highlights. With our regular Language Extension activities, students take their English abilities into new, challenging situations. The core class levels will take students from a foundational understanding of English grammar all the way to the proficiency required for success at an American college.

FLS is accredited by ACCET (Accrediting Council on Continuing Education and Training) and CEA (The Commission on English Language Accreditation) both of which are national accrediting agencies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

FLS offers four types of English programs so that each student can find the right program to meet their needs: Vacation, General, Intensive, and Academic. Our Vacation English Program (18 lessons/week) offers basic instruction in the fundamental skills of English while allowing students plenty of time each day to explore the many fascinating cultural, natural, and entertainment attractions near our centers.

Our General English Program (24 lessons/week) offers stimulating combination of our Core Class and varied Academic Workshops, the General English program takes a student’s English to new levels.

Our Intensive English Program (30 lessons/week) is a comprehensive way to study English. Students gain the benefit of having three separate classes: an integrated skills Core Class, a focused Elective Class covering a specific skill or topic and an Academic Workshop to round out the school day.

Our Academic English Program (36 lessons/week) is designed for students who want to make the most progress in the shortest time by offering an integrated skills Core Class, two focused Elective Classes, and an Academic Workshop.

Our class sizes are small to increase individual attention and student-teacher interaction. Your FLS instructors will be accessible throughout the program. Average number of students in a class is 12 (Maximum: 15).

The FLS curriculum is constructed around a core class in eighteen levels of English proficiency. Students in all programs will take a core class which teaches the skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing in an integrated manner. In the elective, students will concentrate on a particular skill or subject. Our program emphasizes a student-centered, communicative approach. Students in Levels 12 and above also read an English novel or nonfiction book.

All students (except for Vacation English Students) take a daily Academic Workshop. The Academic Workshops include Computer Labs, Homework Labs, and additional supervised study in such critical skills as Pronunciation, Conversation, Vocabulary Building, and more.

Students in the Intensive English Program also take on elective class, while students in the Academic English Program will take two elective classes. Electives include TOEFL Preparation, American Culture, Slang & Idiomatic Speech, Composition, Conversation Skills, and many more.

Our specially designed Test Preparation Programs offer specific test preparation programs for students in our advanced levels. Each test preparation program includes our effective Core Class, daily test prep classes and an Academic Workshop.

TOEFL Preparation (36 lessons per week) is available at all FLS year-round centers to students in Level 10 and above, our program includes two hours per day of preparation in all TOEFL skills, test-taking strategies, sample tests and analysis of test results.

FLS invites you to compare our competitive prices. Students may commence studying on ANY Monday during a term.

Setting Description:
A private Catholic school, the college was founded in 1924 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The beautiful campus in northwest Philadelphia's quaint Chestnut Hill neighborhood, includes striking Gothic structures. The college, located on 75 acres, has expanded its campus in recent decades to include man historic building and new facilities to meet the needs of their growing academic offering and student population.
Application Fee = $150
Express Mail Fee = $55
Health Insurance = $35/week
Airport Transfer = $150 from Newark International (EWR) and $75 from Philadelphia International (PHL).

Vacation English (18 lessons/week)
1-4 weeks = $380/week
5-12 weeks = $370/week

General English (24 lessons/week)
1-4 weeks = $400/week
5-12 weeks = $390/week
13-23 weeks = $370/week
24+ weeks = $335/week

Intensive English (30 lessons/w

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