Program Details

This course is perfect for students who want to start to learn or improve their Italian, through 20 hours of grammar and conversation a week students will be able to progress rapidly and leave being more able to communicate with the locals.
Florence, Italy
Program Type:
Intensive Language
Degree Level:
Gap Year
3-4 weeks

Program Overview

Program Description:

This  course is designed for all those planning to learn Italian or expand on and improve their knowledge of the language. Through studying Italian grammar and conversation for 20 hours a week students will become more confident in their knowledge and use of the language.

The emphasis is placed on linguistic development, as well as on increasing oral and written communication skills - exactly what is needed to get along in every day life in Italy.

Classes begin every Monday (or every other Monday for beginners) and we have classes for all abilities. The courses can be designed to suit any student's need, and can last any number of weeks, contact us for more information. 

Additional Program Information