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Designed to offer students aspiring to become Licensed Special Ed Teachers and BCBA's, the ability to complete required courses.

Beverly, United States
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Full Degree
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Applied Behavior Analysis

Program Overview

Program Description:

Master of Education in Special Needs and Applied Behavior Analysis, Moderate Disabilities (PreK–8, 5–12)

Please Note: These programs fulfill the educational requirements to sit for the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) examination.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate skill in planning curriculum and instruction, delivering effective instruction, managing classroom climate, promoting equity and meeting professional standards.
  • Demonstrate ability to collect, analyze, synthesize, and apply measurement data.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and approach to subject matter.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of typical child development and exceptionalities.
  • Demonstrate acquisition of the knowledge, principles and skills of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Special Needs and Applied Behavior Analysis, Moderate Disabilities: Initial (PreK–8, 5–12) Initial Licensure Program of Study

ABA 510 Conceptual Issues in Applied Behavior Analysis 3 cr.
ED 525 Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis in Special Education 3 cr.
ED 534 Measurement and Experimental Evaluation of Behavioral Intervention 3 cr.
ED 541 Behavioral Assessment 3 cr.
ED 542 Sheltered English Immersion 3 cr.
ED 554 Behavior Change Procedures and System Supports 3 cr.
ED 565 Ethical Issues in Behavior Analysis 3 cr.
SPN 567 Math and Science for Diverse Learners with Moderate Disabilities 3 cr.
SPN 500* Special Education Service Delivery and the Inclusion Model for Students
with Special Needs 3 cr.
SPN 501* Methods and Materials for Curriculum Development of Special Needs Program ** 3 cr.
SPN 502* Curriculum Development for Learners with Special Needs 3 cr.
SPN 504* Assessment and Educational Planning 3 cr.
SPN 505* Reflective Seminar: Teacher of Special Needs *** 3 cr.
SPN 506* Nature and Needs of Students with Moderate Disabilities 3 cr.
SPN 510* Practicum Experience: Teacher of Special Needs *** 3 cr.
SPN 511 Assistive Classroom Technology for Students with Disabilities
EXM 699 Comprehensive Examination 0 cr.
Total degree requirements 48 cr.

* Courses required for obtaining Initial Licensure in Moderate Disabilities (PreK-8, 5-12)
** Pre-practicum course
*** Practicum placements will be appropriate to the level of the license sought, Pre-K–8 and 5–12, and will meet the required clock hours for those levels.

Completion Requirements
To successfully exit from the M.Ed./ABA program with Initial License in Severe Disabilities and qualification to sit for the BACB
certification examination, students must successfully complete all of the required courses and fieldwork. In addition, teachers seeking Massachusetts licensure as a teacher of students with Moderate Disabilities (PreK–8) must pass the MTEL General Curriculum test and Foundations of Reading Test in addition to passing the Communication and Literacy test.
Students seeking Moderate Disabilities licensure (5–12) may chose to substitute a subject matter test (5–8 or 8–12) for the general curriculum test in addition to the required Communications and Literacy and Foundations of Reading tests. A Competency Review is also required of all Moderate Disabilities licenses. Students may be advised to take additional subject matter courses for meeting the above DESE requirements.


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Endicott College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.
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