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Master of Science in Mathematics (thesis and non-thesis).

Emporia, United States
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Full Degree
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The graduate program in mathematics is designed to promote a high level of competence and understanding in the field of mathematics. The graduate course offerings are such that an individualized program may be designed emphasizing various areas of mathematics, statistics, or computer science.

This program is beneficial to teachers in secondary schools and community colleges, persons interested in applying mathematics, statistics, or computer science to problems in industry or government, and those preparing for further graduate study or research in these areas.

The Thesis Option
To fulfill the requirements for this option the student must complete 32 hours of acceptable graduate work including a thesis. The thesis will be worth either 3 or 5 credit hours.

The Non-Thesis Option
The student must take 34 hours of acceptable graduate work including at least one hour of MA 810, Seminar in Mathematics, which would involve the presentation of a seminar.

Written Examination
All students are required to take a written examination. The examination can be taken after 18 hours of graduate work, but no later than the fourth week of the final semester (or the second week if the final semester is a summer semester.) For the non-thesis option the examination will be over four graduate courses that the student has completed in the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Economics. Under the thesis option, in addition to a defense of the thesis, the student will also be required to take an examination over three courses. Under either option the student will select the courses for the examination, but the selection must include at least one course from two of the three areas of algebra, analysis, and statistics/applied mathematics.

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Higher Learning Commission North Central Association
Financial Aid:
To be accepted in the graduate program in mathematics, a student must present work essentially equivalent to 20 hours of undergraduate mathematics, including at least two semesters of calculus and one course with a substantial focus on mathematical proofs, or gain consent of the graduate advisor.
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For international student admissions, please visit our International Education web site.

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