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The internships are ideal for students or practicing professionals in public health, public policy, or physical therapy. We are very proud to offer internships and volunteer projects with some of the best companies and NGOs in the Cape. These positions ar
Cape Town, South Africa
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Study Abroad
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Academic Year, Fall Semester, MayMester Intersession, Rolling Starts, Spring Break, Spring Semester, Summer, Winter Semester, Year Round

Program Overview

Program Description:
TB/HIV/AIDS: South Africa is suffering from one of the worst TB/HIV/AIDS epidemics in the world. In 2006 the South African Department of Health estimated that 29.1% of pregnant women were living with HIV. ELI is currently filling positions in education, research and treatment. These programs require a minimum two month time commitment. In an effort to prevent the spread of HIV (especially in young female populations) and to counter misinformation and discrimination, HIV outreach volunteers work in teams with professionals who conduct health education campaigns at local schools, focusing on lower economic areas of Cape Town. Volunteers work in teams to create and present material, answer students' questions, spend time with the children, research, and assist with administrative aspects of the campaign. Volunteers with a background in public health research can assist at the university, where numerous studies are underway to better understand the correlation between TB and HIV/AIDS and treatment options. Physical Therapists: Students and professionals in this field are in great demand. This is an opportunity to work with local professionals in the field and make a difference in the lives of children. After receiving care at the children's hospital, many children are not well enough to return home. If that is the case, they are routed to one of the many children's homes that are just outside the city center. During their recovery, many of the children spend much of their time in cribs. Further, some of the diseases cause their muscles to atrophy. Regular therapy can alleviate the pain associated with inactivity and help shorten their recovery time. Participants in this program learn how to implement programs for specific conditions and lead small groups in activities to keep these kids active and smiling. Psychiatry: Positions are available for professionally skilled and experienced interns to assist with adults and children. These placements are supervised by a professional and typically require a minimum three month commitment. Interns in this program need to be professional, open-minded, and culturally sensitive.

The internships are ideal for students or practicing professionals in public health, public policy, or physical therapy. We are very proud to offer internships and volunteer projects with some of the best companies and NGOs in the Cape. These positions are intended for mature and responsible participants who can keep to a schedule and commit themselves to the position. Further, our group housing is fairly independent: ELIers purchase their own groceries, commute to and from their work sites without supervision, and pay rent monthly. These internships require a minimum two month commitment.

This is a one-time fee that remains the same no matter how long participants stay with the program. The programs in South Africa can last any length of time from two to six months. Program Includes: * Airport Pickup in Cape Town * Orientation Upon Arrival * Work Placement * Activities * In-country coordinator available 24/7 Accommodation: ELI arranges accommodations in shared houses and apartments in safe neighborhoods all over the city.·Rent is not included in the program fee, it is due monthly: USD 300 to USD 350 per month depending on where the participant stays and utilities for the month. Bedrooms are typically shared, so if you would like a single room be sure to make a special request and know that rent will be a little more per month.· All housing comes equipped with security, furniture, dishes, linens, and maid service. No meals are included with the accommodations, but each apartment or house has a full kitchen for participants to use.
Setting Description:
Famous for its sparkling white sand beaches, diverse African wildlife, exciting outdoor sports and multicultural population, South Africa is a colorful country brimming with excitement and adventure. It is home to over 44.6 million people from at least 20 distinct ethnic groups, and the country has 11 official languages. ELI’s program is based in beautiful Cape Town, located on a small peninsula that juts from the southern tip of South Africa into the Atlantic Ocean. Influenced by the Dutch, British and Malay, Cape Town is home to well-preserved historical buildings, busy streets, world class shopping and restaurants. No visit to Cape Town is complete without a hike up Table Mountain, a drive down the winding coastline to some of the area’s famous wineries, a visit to Boulder's Beach to see the African Penguins, or a hike up to the lighthouse at Cape Point. South Africa’s new constitution was approved in 1996, outlawing discrimination in all forms. There is a new and thriving black m
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