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ELI works with the Nakuru Provincial General Hospital and Municipal Health service to create programs for pre med and medical students. Interns will shadow the doctors and other medical staff in order to gain an understanding of the day to day practice of
Nairobi, Kenya
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Volunteer Abroad
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Education, Health, Social Services, Women's Rights
1-2 weeks, 3-4 weeks, 1-3 months, 4-6 months, 1 year

Program Overview

Program Description:
Kenya is an incredible country to experience. The country boasts some of the most stunning natural wonders in the world as well as a warm culture with a rich heritage. Participants stay with host families and are welcomed into the community and work with local organizations. Many of the programs are based in and around the city of Nakuru, a perfect base for a stay in Kenya. It is the fourth largest city in Kenya, located two and a half hours by bus northwest of Nairobi. The highlights of this rich farming area include the Menengai Crater, an extinct volcano from which you get stunning views of the famous Lake Nakuru as well as archeological sites of settlements that go back as much as 3000 years. But the greatest attraction here is Lake Nakuru National Park, second most visited park in Kenya and renowned for its astounding shallow soda lake, euphorbia and acacia forests, rocky cliffs and the huge variety of wild animals: lions, warthogs, buffaloes, gazelles, leopards, baboons, rhinos, hippos and dozens of species of birds. The city of Nakuru is home to lively bars, restaurants, and cafes volunteers and interns can explore in their spare time. Interns must be pre-med or medical students. Volunteers must be medical professionals.

ELI works with the Nakuru Provincial General Hospital and Municipal Health service to create programs for pre med and medical students. Interns will shadow the doctors and other medical staff in order to gain an understanding of the day to day practice of medicine in Kenya. Participants in this program will have no medical responsibilities, but may be given tasks such as assisting with patient histories, taking vitals and anything else the permanent hospital staff feels is appropriate. The Municipal Health Service provides Anti Retroviral Therapy to people living with HIV/AIDS in Nakuru along with educational programs for the community. Interns at the hospital are encouraged to get involved in the health education outreach programs in order to give back to the community as well as learn first hand about the health challenges the community faces. This opportunity is wonderful for participants wanting to gain first hand experience working in a government hospital in Kenya, learn about tropical diseases, and learn about public health issues in East Africa. The provincial general hospital also warmly welcomes health professionals wanting to volunteer their services.

Program Fees Include: * Pre-departure Support: ELI's staff is very knowledgeable and happy to help volunteers to prepare for their travels. * Airport Pickup: Volunteers are met at the airport in Nairobi and provided with transportation to their host family. * In-country Orientation: Each volunteer program starts with a two to three day orientation which covers important topics on the logistics of living and working in Kenya, a historical overview and introduction to culture, survival Swahili lessons, a morning safari in Lake Nakuru National Park, and visits to sites in Nairobi such as the US embassy which was bombed in 1998 and the elephant orphanage. * In-country Staff Support: ELI's Kenya coordinator has years of experience working with visitors to Kenya. She is very resourceful and on call 24/7 in case of emergency. * Accommodations: Volunteers will stay with a local host family where they will be provided with a room and breakfast and dinner each day. By living with a family, volunteers will learn about the day to day rhythms of Kenyan life first hand as well as sample traditional meals not usually available in restaurants.
Setting Description:
Kenya inspires. Today, as for decades, nature lovers, wanderers, artists and writers are drawn to Kenya's dazzling wildlife, varied landscapes and rich cultural heritage. The snow capped peak of Mount Kenya overlooks the Rift Valley where thousands of zebras, wildebeest, and other animals make their yearly migration. The Rift Valley is home to a fantastic array of animals including elephants, lions, cheetahs, baboons, flamingos, and many more. The Rift Valley is also known as the cradle of humanity. Humanoid remains dating back 6 million years have been excavated on the shores of Lake Turkana. Pastoralist and agricultural tribes still live throughout Kenya, carrying on cultural traditions that date back thousands of years. And the Kenyan coast was home to Persian and Arab traders and continues to be a trading center of East Africa. These cultural and natural elements combine to create a fascinating country, ideal for a volunteer or internship experience. Even though the Kenyan e
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