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Intern abroad in Ireland! IT/Programming internships are available in: * Software product development * IT networking * Telecommunications * Web development * E-commerce * Marketing * CRM systems
Dublin, Ireland
Program Type:
Intern Abroad
Degree Level:
Academic Year, Fall Semester, MayMester Intersession, Rolling Starts, Spring Break, Spring Semester, Summer, Winter Semester, Year Round
Work Types:
Arts & Architecture, Business, Computer Science

Program Overview

Program Description:
These internships give participants experience and exposure to the most up-do-date programming and testing techniques used in commercial operations. Interns interested in an IT/Programming internship need to be familiar with technical subjects related to their requests and should have knowledge of the programming languages commonly used. Each placement depends on when you decide to go, your particular area of interest, your qualifications, what particular organization has openings for interns. All internships require an 4-6 week minimum commitment, and can last up to 12 weeks. We ask that all participants arrive in Dublin on a Sunday. Housing is usually not available before Sunday. Group orientation will take place Monday morning, and then your first day at your placement will be Tuesday. Please note that the student residence often fills up May through July, and reservations for the student residence are made on a first-come first-serve basis. Qualifications: * Must be a citizen of USA, Canada, EU, Australia, or New Zealand * Must be at least 18 years of age * Must be fluent in English * Must have a demonstrated interest and background in field * Must be a self-starter, well-organized, strong communicator, and able to work with a wide-range of people

Intern abroad in Ireland! IT/Programming internships are available in: * Software product development * IT networking * Telecommunications * Web development * E-commerce * Marketing * CRM systems

Program Fees Include * Pre-departure materials * Pick up from the airport * Orientation and welcome pack * Social Gatherings * Internship Position * Accommodation Option * In-country coordinator & 24/7 emergency services * US-based support Participants may choose to stay with a local host family, student residence (only available certain months), or participants may arrange their own housing. -Host Families provide participants with their own room, two meals a day, and laundry. -Participants in the Student Residence will live with up to three other international interns or students, dorm style. Participants have a single room, shared bath, kitchen, and living room. The residences include cable, internet access, and furnished kitchens. Please note, no food is included. The Student Residence is available early June through mid September, and sporadic availability throughout the academic year.
Setting Description:
Located just across the Irish Sea from Great Britain, Ireland is famous for its colorful culture, Gaelic roots, crumbling medieval castles, folklore, and lively pubs. Though slow to industrialize, Ireland experienced dramatic economic growth in the 1990's and is now home to countless international companies. Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, is a modern city, filled with cafes, markets, malls, reliable rapid transit, and of course pubs. The weather can make Dublin appear a bit gray, but this city is anything but dismal! Dublin’s bustling streets are filled with warm and personable people, and the city itself is home to a lively art and literary culture that can give NY City a run for its money. The city is vibrant, culturally rich and ethnically diverse with a youthful and optimistic outlook. The city provides an incredible backdrop for international internships. ELI’s internships provide an opportunity for students, new graduates, and career changers to gain important
Cost varies depending on duration. Please contact ELI Abroad for details!