Program Details

Our Dentistry electives placements offer you a clinical experience working along side dentists and dental surgeons performing more complex dental procedures where you will have adequate hands on experience under supervision and mentorship.
Arusha, Tanzania, United Republic of; Mombasa, Kenya
Program Type:
Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Fall Semester, Rolling Starts, Spring Break, Spring Semester, Summer, Winter Semester

Program Overview

Program Description:

Are you looking for a dental volunteer trip to further enhance your skills or a dental elective as a requirement for your studies? Elective Africa offers customized programs that allow you to experience dental care under mentorship and supervision in a unique environment. Interns must be pre-med or medical student, while volunteers must be medical professionals.

With our Dental Volunteer Internships, participants are placed in the department to engage in relevant activities together with a team of professionals in Africa. Through shadowing and supervised hands-on experience, they’re able to gain a deeper understanding of dentistry practice in a unique health system.

The health system in a developing country is characterized by inadequate resources in human capital, vaccines and technology. These enable volunteers/interns to gain exposure in a dental practice with minimal resources but addressing the needs of a large population.

  • Program Highlights 

    • Make a lasting impact while interning/volunteering in a dental clinic catering to local schools and the community.

    • Gain a meaningful volunteering experience in Africa, together with other aspiring and practicing dentists.

    • Observe and become exposed to dental procedures rarely available in your home country, and further develop your clinical skills and knowledge.

    • Receive mentorship and supervision to enhance your skills in an actual dental environment.

    • Gain exposure to global health through tutorials moderated by a local healthcare staff.

Setting Description:
Dentistry electives
Please visit the Elective Africa website for pricing. USD. Please visit the Elective Africa website for pricing.

Additional Program Information

1.The first step is to send an application. There is no cost or commitment to this and it acts as an initial step this is a competitive process which takes into account one’s interest areas and the specific objectives. 2. The next step is the payment of the reservation fee equivalent to $350. This fee secures your placement at the stated location, department and for the stated timelines. This fee also ensures us to start processing your placement including the mentorship and accommodation. The rest of the program fee is payable 3 months before the start of the program and can be paid in instalments. 3. The last step is the submission of the essential documents for the customisation of the placement at the hospital. This documents are a letter from your school indicating that you are a bonafide student of the university and the area of study. The other essential document is your CV which details your skills and the statement of the objectives that you want to achieve in the placement.