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Provides a high quality learning experience that prepares graduate students to work in a variety of collegiate/academic settings

Edinboro, United States
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Full Degree
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School Counseling

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Master of Arts in Counseling Curriculum 60-63 credits
Core Courses (Required for all students) 42 credits
COUN705 Group Processes 3 credits
COUN710 Appraisal Techniques in the Helping Professions 3 credits
COUN712 Human Development Across the Life Span 3 credits
COUN715 Career Development and Life Planning 3 credits
COUN720 Counseling and Consultation Theories 3 credits
COUN725 Organization and Development of Programs in 3 credits
The Helping Professions
COUN730 Supervised Counseling Practice 3 credits
COUN735 Counseling Practicum 3 credits
COUN745 Multicultural Counseling 3 credits
EDUC788 Research in Education 3 credits
COUN794 Research Seminar in Guidance and Counseling
COUN795 Internship in Counseling (focus in chosen concentration) 12 credits

College Counseling 18 credits
In addition to addressing the overall mission for all counseling programs, the College Counseling program provides a high quality learning experience that prepares graduate students to work in a variety of collegiate/academic settings. The program is responsive to changing CACREP standards that emphasize the significance of fully-credentialed college counselors, functioning throughout the campus environment. The program is one of only two fully-accredited College Counseling programs in Pennsylvania. This academic program prepares College Counseling program graduates to pass national certification and licensure examinations and serves as a strong precursor for supervised experiences in the field.
COUN700 Introduction to the Helping Professions 3 credits
COUN750 College Student Development 3 credits
COUN752 Law in Postsecondary Higher Education 3 credits
COUN756 Counseling the College Student 3 credits
COUN755 Clinical Diagnosis and Intervention
Counseling electives as determined by the student and advisor 6 credits

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