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ECU's School of Communication offers a 30-hour MA degree in communication with an emphasis in health communication.
Greenville, United States
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Full Degree
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Communications & Public Relations

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East Carolina University School of Communication offers a 30-hour Master of Arts degree in communication with an emphasis in health communication. Students may select a thesis option or a non-thesis option within the degree program. The program consists of courses that provide students with wide-ranging knowledge of the theory and practice of communication in general and of health communication in particular. The core of the Master of Arts in communication with an emphasis in health communication addresses how individuals interact in a variety of relationships and contexts. Our program addresses the dynamics of communication from perspectives such as the influence of interpersonal communication (e.g., physician-patient communication and its relationship to health outcomes); the media, (e.g., how people use the media to learn about health issues and how the media influences decision-making regarding health); and organizational communication (e.g., the effects of organizational structures and cultures on health communication processes). With a background in health communication, our graduates may pursue a variety of opportunities within the healthcare arena. The program has two primary goals for students: 1) to integrate communication theory and research with practice in a variety of environments and 2) to influence the direction and focus of the field of health communication. Within health communication specifically, students will develop knowledge and skills designed to address at least two of the following areas: • Evaluate the role of communication in health-related decision-making. • Address communication issues that exist between and among patients, providers, and family members. • Explain the dynamics of social support through health communication. • Create and disseminate health information. • Evaluate communication within health care organizations. • Interpret the multiple influences of culture on health communication.

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Financial Aid:
Along with the ECU Graduate School application form, a resume or curriculum vitae, three (3) letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, official transcripts, and the GRE score are required. TOEFL is an additional requirement for the applicants whose native language is not English. Your statement of purpose should include your goals, experiences, and reasons for applying to the graduate program in the School of Communication and should be no longer than 750 words. Submit all materials to the ECU Graduate School by the deadline set by the School of Communication. Admission to the program is competitive. The following materials are used in making decisions regarding candidates’ appropriateness for the program: • ECU Graduate School application form • Resume / C.V. • Statement of Purpose • Three (3) Letters of Recommendation from academic or professional sources • Official Transcripts • GRE scores
International Requirements:
Same as above but also needs TOEFL scores.

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