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Shadow our mentoring team at the Specialized Center of Nuclear Medicine and Endocrinology. We focus mainly on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with differentiated carcinoma of the thyroid gland and severe forms of thyroid orbitopathy.

Prague, Czech Republic
Program Type:
Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Year Round

Program Overview

Program Description:

In the Specialized Center of Nuclear Medicine and Endocrinologywe treat patients from the whole of the Czech Republic. In the department, we focus mainly on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with differentiated carcinoma of the thyroid gland and severe forms of thyroid orbitopathy using the 131 I-MIBG therapy.  In addition, we carry out standard radio isotopic diagnostics.

We have already attended to the needs of more than 20,000 patients. In 2014, 1,000 patients were hospitalized, and 4,000 outpatients underwent treatment that  included various types of examinations and therapeutic applications of radioactive pharmaceuticals.

Only with us you know your department and the mentoring team even before you apply. What does one of our mentors – radiology physicist Tereza- say about your placement schedule and patient cases to observe?

„Before your placement even starts, I will take you on a tour around our department. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to participate in the measuring of dosages. You will also see tests that are conducted by radiological assistants in the patients’ wards. When a treatment will be performed using the 131I-MIBG , you will have the opportunity to see all the procedures and scans of the patient. During the week, I will explain to you the principle for calculation of a full dose. I will also tell you about the problematics of urination after the 131I-MIBG procedure. We will also go through some tests of the devices that are mainly used in the emergency part of the department. These tests are normally done only once a year. Another important procedure is the evaluation, which you will have the opportunity to do yourself. Nowadays, we do a study of dosimetry purposes during thyroid gland therapy. Of course, you will have the opportunity to participate, but you can also give us your input and ideas and make this study even better.“

For whom is the placement in Specialized Center of Nuclear Medicine and Endrocrinology suitable?

  • Future doctors and engineers focused on healthcare are the right people who should choose this placement. You will definitely appreciate the sophisticated devices the center possess.
Setting Description:
Our program takes place in University Hospital in Motol. It is located in Prague, Czech Republic. Czech Republic is known as the heart of Europe. It is one of the most peaceful countries in the world, surrounded by its neighboring countries, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. Its position is ideal for travelling around the continent, and it is easily accessible by various means of transport. Although it is a part of NATO and EU for a long time, it has its own currency called the Czech crown, which has a great exchange rate against the USD, GBP, and other currencies. This will make weekend trips very affordable for everyone!
1199 USD. The tution includes: Shadowing your mentoring team 25 hours per week minimum, Tutorials and Excursions 3 times per week, Study Materials, Accommodation and Food, CHP System to control your trip with just a click, 24/7 CHP Team support.

Additional Program Information

You need to be 17-26 years old student and speak english fluently. Certain level of maturity is necessary for this type of placement.
Scholarships Description:
We want to support as many young people as possible to pursue their dream of becoming a healthcare professional. Every six months we will provide a partial CHP Scholarship to one of you. We will let you know via our social media outlets.