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Crees is seeking motivated and dedicated individuals to assist in a range of conservation projects at our field station (MLC) in the Amazon rainforest, Peru. Located on the edge of the Manu Biosphere Reserve, one of the most biodiverse places on Earth.
Cusco, Peru
Program Type:
Volunteer Abroad
Degree Level:
Work Types:
3-4 weeks

Program Overview

Program Description:

Crees is seeking motivated and dedicated individuals to assist in a range of conservation projects at our field station (MLC) in the Amazon rainforest, Peru. Located on the edge of the Manu Biosphere Reserve, one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, our research is oriented towards promoting rainforest protection and regeneration and determining the impact of that on biodiversity. 

If you are a student, recent graduate or on a career break and looking to contribute to something meaningful, then we would encourage you to get involved.

Crees is a leading Educational Center located in the Amazon Rainforest. As a volunteer, you would contribute to various conservation research projects, such as our monitoring activities (mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects), tropical ecology surveys, our canopy mapping project, trapping and analysis, assisting researchers studying the endangered blue-headed macaw as well as our local community initiatives. Volunteers will gain a welath of knowledge and experience in scientific monitoring techniques and conservation research in a tropical forest environment. You may also get the opportunity to work with local communities creating biogardens and agroforestry plots to empower local people to live sustainably and in harmony with the forest .

What you will gain from your experience:

• Extensive training across all of our Conservation Projects

• Knowledge and experience of a variety scientific monitoring techniques including camera trapping, visual encounter surveys, butterfly trapping, mammal and bird clay lick monitoring, mammal track identification, avian mist netting, amphibian and reptile pitfalling and lots more!

• Species Identification – you will learn to identify common species of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and butterflies. 

• How to handle and take measurements from Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Butterflies 

• Emergency First Aid Response 

This is an excellent opportunity to actively participate in meaningful, well-structured and important conservation and sustainable projects. Working alongside like-minded people, you would gain important field study experience, learning techniques and methods in an area of vital environmental importance. 

Crees has been running internship and volunteer positions for over a decade. See our website blog for testimonials and more information. The Crees Foundation was set up to promote the conservation of the rainforest through conducting scientific research. Volunteers and interns in the past have contributed to papers that have been published in the National Geographic, the Journal of Herpetology and Science Direct to name a few. Recently, a species of frog new to science was discovered while progress has been made in developing local community initiatives that help preserve the rainforest. 

The volunteer program runs throughout the year. It is possible to stay for as little as two weeks, although we recommend longer visits. You will stay at our field station (the Manu Learning Center), located within the rainforest on the edge of the Madre de Dios river. You can find more information on our website. This is a worthwhile and beneficial experience that can improve your CV and employment opportunities, complement your studies and provide a meaningful and memorable experience. 



This program is available throughout the year. See the website for more information or contact us for dates and availability. Programs run from two weeks to twelve weeks. Please include details of the dates you are interested in (when you would like to start, how long you would like to go), and a brief explanation of why you would like to assist with our projects. 


This is a volunteer position. You would be responsible for your travel to Cusco. Costs start at $1,800 and include all transport from Cusco to the MLC Field Station and back, accommodation and food for the duration of your stay. Rates are reduced for longer stays.



- No previous field study experience is required, but study in a related field is desirable.

- Commitment to Crees' mission and a passion for environmental education and conservation

- A positive and flexible attitude, desire to learn and work hard, willingness to adapt to a changing work environment

- Comfortable living in remote and rustic living conditions in a tropical environment, ability to get along with others in tight, close-knit, living conditions

- Selected applicants must complete a signed form of good health

- Availability meets arrival and departure dates as outlined for each position


Please email your interest to Duncan Hartley explaining, briefly, why you are interested, what length of program you are applying for and your availability.

Setting Description:
The Manu Learning Center is a Rainforest Alliance verified facility based in the rainforest on the edge of the Alto Madre de Dios river. Our 600 hectare private reserve has over 25km of trails, provides twin or triple rooms, communal dining and hammock areas where you can relax and soak up the atmosphere of being in one of the most biodiverse regions of the world.
Programs start at $1,800

Additional Program Information

Open to all, no prior experience required. Programs run from 2 weeks through to 12 weeks in duration Available all year round