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Study Internship in Aix en Provence is housed at the CISabroad program base in Aix, IAU College. IAU College offers a wide variety of courses taught in English and French, as well as French-language classes, in the following disciplines: archeology, art h
Aix-En-Provence, France
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Study Abroad
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Academic Year, Fall Semester, Spring Semester

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Imagine spending the semester living in the heart of Provence, while taking classes and completing an internship. You will split your time between our program base in Aix-en-Provence, where you’ll be taking classes in a wide variety of topics, then by gaining professional experience in an internship chosen according to your background and interests. Study French, immerse in the culture, fulfill major course requirements and boost your resume through Study Internship in France! Start getting excited about: Living in southern France - Is it the climate, the people, the scenery, the history, or the food that people rave the most about here? Whatever your delights, you're sure to feel more than at home in Aix-en-Provence and the Provence region. Rolling fields of lavender, Roman ruins and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea are just some of the sights you'll regularly experience here. A wide variety of internship placements available - Interested in learning about French business practices? Want to try your hand at journalism or fashion design? Use this opportunity to build on existing skills or learn something new! All the while, enjoy the company of and immersion with your French co-workers. Your French vocabulary will thank you too! An active social and recreational setting - Our program base has something going on every day of the week. Between excursions, movie nights, service opportunities and interest groups, you just might find some time to stroll through the quaint streets of Aix from time to time... A perfect city for study and intern abroad - Aix-en-Provence has all the culture and history you'll want to soak up as part of your personal and academic endeavors, yet it's big enough to offer a great range of industries, giving you a wide range of internships to choose from. It's small enough that you can get to know it very intimately and explore its entirety in a semester, but it's big enough to offer plenty of places to eat, shop, and explore. Perfect opportunity to practice your French skills – From living in a local homestay with a French host, to speaking French every day at your internship, to volunteering at a local soup kitchen or participating in a local sports club, the Study Internship in France program is designed to immerse you completely in the French language and give you a taste of what living in France is all about!

Study Internship in Aix en Provence is housed at the CISabroad program base in Aix, IAU College. IAU College offers a wide variety of courses taught in English and French, as well as French-language classes, in the following disciplines: archeology, art history, business, civilization, comparative literature, economics, education, film, government, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, studio art, theater, and the French language (beginner to advanced). In addition, if your French is advanced (at least 4 college semesters of French or the equivalent), you are eligible to take courses taught in French at the University of Aix-Marseille or enroll in the French Honors Program.

CISabroad's Study Internship in Aix en Provence offers countless reasons that make it the best opportunity for a student looking to immerise in the French language and culture, all the while gaining invaluable practical skills. Here are just a few to chew on: -Diverse course offerings in English, and full-immersion French studies -A customized internship based on your French language, background and interests -2–3 excursions included -Service-learning opportunities get you involved with your local community -Homestays with locals experienced in hosting English-speaking students -Life in the south of France -The charming, historic city of Aix en Provence -Close proximity to the Mediterranean coast, beaches and seaside towns -Hands-on experience with a local internship in your chosen field
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Ancient yet youthful, Aix en Provence (Aix, pronounced "ex") has always been a crossroads, a place of excitement and learning. The city boasts some of the best universities in France and is dedicated to warmly welcoming its students while preserving the intellectual, visual, and cultural pleasures associated with the finest aspects of life in France. Plus, a growing number of international businesses have brought an enriching influx of people from all over the world. Being a university town, Aix naturally provides an intellectual environment. The many concerts, summer festivals, libraries, museums, bookstores, markets, and cafés have earned Aix its reputation as one of France's most engaging cities. One popular tour follows the footsteps of post-impressionist painter Paul Cezanne, visiting his birthplace and where he created his many beautiful paintings. The city is highly accessible to all visitors, and is small enough that one can walk across the main part of town in 15 minutes. A
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