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CIEE High School Summer Abroad in Seoul, South Korea – K-Pop Immersion
Seoul, Korea
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Study Abroad
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High School

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What’s it all about? K-pop (short for Korean pop music) covers a range of musical styles, from electronic and dance-pop to hip hop and R&B. The craze is characterized by cutting-edge music videos with striking audiovisual elements, trendsetting fashion, and highly skilled choreography. Creative use of art, graphics, costumes, and color make this an art form well worth studying.

With CIEE staff, you’ll take a special K-pop tour to several trendy sites throughout the city. Visit entertainment agencies and experience the extreme fan culture first-hand as dedicated fans wait outside for a glimpse of their favorite K-pop idols. Dress in clothing worn by idols in K-pop videos and take photos on stage sets. Attend an Indie concert to experience music beyond K-pop.

At Dongdaemun K-live, you’ll see the world’s first K-pop hologram performance hall! The vivid sense of reality given by high-resolution images and 270-degree panorama views create an unrivaled sensory experience. Next stop is SMTOWN, the K-pop mecca dedicated to the music, technology, fashion, and fandom surrounding SM Entertainment. This five-story complex features a fan cafe, a recording and makeup studio, and a hologram theater with daily digital performances of top artists. Using the latest in hologram technology, the theater feels amazingly like an actual live concert. Here you can also watch the world’s first hologram musical! Other tours may include Sangam and MBC TV Studio.

Back in the classroom, guest lectures on Korean art, history, and cinema round out your course curriculum and deepen your experience. The Korean Spirit & Culture Workshop, part of orientation for all students, introduces you to the Korean language, as well as Korean concepts and values and customs, like learning to bow.

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Global Navigator Scholarships – available only through CIEE – make it easier for you and hundreds of other U.S. high school students to gain an edge from international exchange each summer. Scholarships range from 10 to 100 percent of the cost of tuition.

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