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travel and learn
Guilin, China
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Intensive Language
Degree Level:
1-3 months

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High standard of Chinese teaching Small class, less than 5 students in a class Free Chinese cultural lessons once a week Accommodation and Chinese food Possibility to travel and volunteer around China

travel and learn

There are so many usages of "le" in Chinese, and we will talk about 4 of them which are basic usages of "le" 1.Verb+le which means past, for example: chi fan le(Iate/ have eaten) shuijiao le(slept) 2.Adj+le which means a change of situation, for example: leng le(gets cold) lei le(get tired) 3.Verb+le+Time word chi le yige xiaoshi(ate for one hour) kan le yitian dianying (watched movie for a whole day) 4.Verb+le+Time word+le chi le yige xiaoshi le(have been eating for one hour) kan le yitian dianying le(have been watching movie for a whole day) Enjoy when you learn Chinese, for more materials.
Setting Description:
comfortable dorm room and chinese food
much cheaper than other cities of China, you could begin with at least one week,for details,check our website

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