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GET A GRIP! Understand Oman’s ancient history and the development of its tribal cultures.
UNDERSTAND! Benefit from a thorough grounding in the development of regional trade networks (Harappa, Mesopotamia, Egypt) through Oman and how they influence
Muscat, Oman
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Study Abroad
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Fall Semester, MayMester Intersession, Spring Break, Spring Semester, Summer, Winter Semester, Year Round

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Learn and grow through study in the Sultanate of Oman, an Italy-sized nation on the Arabian Sea. The Center for International Learning (CIL) offers study abroad, intensive Arabic language instruction, study tours and professional development training, in affiliation with U.S., U.K., and European universities.
For years students have found this an ideal setting for international study, a nation of warm and welcoming people who practice a form of Islam – Ibadhism – that practices tolerance and acceptance of others. CIL provides students with the learning experiences needed to become world citizens.

Comprised of Americans and Omanis with PhD and Masters Degrees, the CIL faculty facilitates experiential education, cultural exchange, and comparative studies to deepen understanding, promote common interests, and explore the shared aspirations of people from different cultures. CIL offers students the chance of a lifetime—the kind of understanding that yields lasting friendship, tolerance and mutual respect.

The study abroad semester has four component parts:
1. Intensive Arabic language course (6 credits): CIL offers all three levels of Modern Standard Arabic (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), as well as Omani dialect, media Arabic, and skills classes.

2. Seminar course (4 credits), designed to introduce students to the history, culture and present-day political and socio-economic structure of the Sultanate of Oman, and explain Oman’s influence in the Gulf and among other Middle Eastern Arabic countries. Through lectures by both Omani, American and other international scholars, students will become familiar with the essential ingredients of development that have transformed Oman in only several decades, and enabled it to gain recognition as a progressive, tolerant and modern nation.

3. Theme-Driven Project (4 credits), enables students to integrate the various components of their semester-long program through field research and presentation, with both group and individual components.

4. Research Methods (2 credits), provides students with basic theoretical concepts and methodological techniques needed to conduct research projects in social contexts and non-western cultures. The course integrates research techniques and skills with cultural awareness to prepare for study among human populations.

GET A GRIP! Understand Oman’s ancient history and the development of its tribal cultures.
UNDERSTAND! Benefit from a thorough grounding in the development of regional trade networks (Harappa, Mesopotamia, Egypt) through Oman and how they influenced and still influence Omani and Gulf society today.
ANALYZE! Become familiar with key elements of the Oman Renaissance that unfolded since Sultan Qaboos took power in 1970, and to analyze the transformation of Omani society.
EXPLORE! Assess likely future developments in Oman and its leadership role among GCC countries, as well as its relationship to Iran and other countries.

Study in Oman exposes students to the life and traditions of an ancient desert culture undergoing rapid modernization. Dance at a village wedding, drink camel milk with a Bedouin while chatting in Arabic, and discuss the implications of the Oman-U.S. Free Trade Agreement with an Omani government minister – all in the same week.
Setting Description:

Based in Muscat, Oman’s modern yet traditional capital city, CIL’s location straddles the old fish market of Seeb, where fishermen sell their daily catch on the beach, and the trendy Muscat City Centre shopping mall, containing shops internationally well-known. The well-placed campus houses study abroad programs, Arabic language courses, and training and development workshops.

CIL occupies a large renovated villa formerly owned by an extended Omani family. It is conveniently located in a quiet neighborhood with Arabian Sea views and lots of parking. Students can often be heard chatting in Arabic while sitting outside in the spacious courtyard. Inside the building are a number of classrooms and administrative offices, a library with books on a variety of subjects in both English and Arabic, a large kitchen where lunch is available daily for students (or they can choose to prepare their own meals), as well as an endless supply of free coffee and tea. And no Omani villa would

CIL's study abroad program is offered both in the fall and spring semesters. The cost for the 15 week program is $15,700, which includes tuition, homestay accommodations (includes daily breakfast and dinner), local transportation and excursions. Partial scholarships are available.

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