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Want to give yourself the best chance at the job offer of your dreams after college graduation? Complete an internship in Milan and you’ll leave the competition far behind you.
Milan, Italy
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Intern Abroad
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Business, Hospitality, Journalism

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We designed our internship program with personalization and career competencies in mind. Our placement process involves getting to know you and your goals well enough to find the right internships and host organization for you. In addition to finding you the right placement, our internship team also coaches you on how to compose a strong résumé and cover letter and how to give a great interview.  

Our internship program in Milan is a summer only program and students will take the Multicultural Workplace seminar at the CEA Milan Center - Extension and will also complete a full-time internship. We built our internship program on a solid academic foundation, which the workplace seminar exemplifies. The seminar was designed to help students process their internship intellectually.  

Industries available for internship placements in Milan include communications, social media, public relations, marketing, event management, and more. 

Setting Description:
Milan is a fast-paced metropolis pushing the boundaries of fashion and business. Home to some of the world’s major design showrooms and famous for its trade fairs, there’s a reason it’s named one of the global capital of design. While roaming the city visit the high-end restaurants or it’s beautiful gothic cathedrals. There’s plenty for those who want a fun night out or who want to truly soak in all the history and art of the city!

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