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The MTTP provides predoctoral students with the knowledge and research skills for independence investigative and teaching careers in the pharmacological sciences. A three-tiered progression provides a foundation in cell and molecular biology followed b
Cleveland, United States
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Full Degree
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Medical Specialties

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The department offers doctoral (Ph.D.) programs in the following areas of psychology: clinical, cognitive, developmental, educational, industrial-organizational, learning and memory, psychobiology, quantitative-mathematical, and social.

Typically, it takes four or five years to complete requirements leading to the Ph.D. degree. The Master of Science degree with thesis is required for all students who intend to earn the Ph.D. The Master of Science without thesis is available, but usually is taken only by those students who, for various reasons, desire not to continue toward the Ph.D. degree in this department. These degrees require 24 and 36 semester hours of course work, respectively. The Ph.D. program is research-oriented and requires a dissertation. It usually takes two to three years beyond the M.S. degree for completion.

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