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Do the TEFL with us and prepare for a week of training to learn to teach at a summer camp. adding more skills and opportunities to your life. Then you will have a wonderful experience working in a camp.
Caceres, Spain
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Study Abroad
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  • Apart from the normal TEFL program modules, there will also be workshops on summer camp preparation.
  • In addition, so that you are fully prepared for the camp, you will have a full day of summer camp preparation and orientation after the TEFL course and right before the camps start in Caceres.
  • You are in class for five days during each of the four intensive TEFL course weeks, from Monday to Friday; starting at 9:30 am until 3 pm (Friday starts at 10am).  The morning (from 9:30 am to 12 pm) is dedicated to learning theoretical subjects that are related to teaching English as a foreign language.
  • The afternoons (from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm) are dedicated to practicing the subjects learned in the morning.
  • There are three academic modules to the course: the TEFL theory module, the teaching business English module and the teaching children & teenagers module.
  • 1) The TEFL theory module is 40 hours and takes place Monday to Thursday in the mornings.
  • 2) The Business English Practice Module is 20 hours and takes place every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.
  • 3) The Children and Teenagers Practice Module is 20 hours and takes place every Monday and Wednesday afternoons.
  • There are two additional teaching modules: the practice teaching module and the real-live teaching module. This combined TEFL Practice Teaching Module is of 40 hours duration. It is divided into two equal parts of 20 hours each.
  • 1) The Observed Practice Teaching Module.
  • The observed practice teaching module takes place on Fridays from 10 am to 3 pm.
  • 2) The Real-Life Teaching Module Internship.
  • The paid internship practice teaching module takes place in student’s houses in the evening or in the summer camp.
  • This means there’s no job hunt, because you already have one!!! The course comes with a job. We can do this because we are an English Academy and hire ALL of our TEFL students. You are hired and sign a contract during the first day of the course (if you wish). If you are accepted into the program, you have the prestigious Canterbury English International TEFL Certificate at the end of the course, and a job that starts during the course or in the case of the summer camp, you graduate on Friday and start the summer camp on Monday.
  • To conclude, the TEFL course is comprised of 40 hours of learning theory in the mornings. This encompasses lesson planning, role plays, presentations, peer teaching, critiques and much more. In the afternoons 40 hours of Business and Children’s Modules. On Fridays 20 hours of observed practice classes. In the evenings (from 3rd or 4th week onwards), 20 hours of paid internship practice teaching out in the field in real-life homes with adults and children and in real-life companies with business students in a corporate Spain setting.
  • We would just like to add that no other TEFL organization has the capability of preparing you for ESL teaching in Spain as the Canterbury English International TEFL Certificate Program does!
  • At Canterbury English, we believe in a Learn by Doing approach, in a Pay for Doing style. It’s just the good old American way: you’re doing it for the fun, for the adventure, and FOR THE MONEY!



  • This is for someone who would like to obtain a June TEFL Certificate and work in a July summer camp near the beautiful and monumental city of the conquistadores called Caceres, which is in the province of Extremadura, Spain. Both EU and Non-EU (with a tourist visa) native English speakers are eligible for this course and job.
  • Instructors will be working with campers from age 12 to 17 over the course of July. The position will pay a total of 1.000€ in cash, with housing and three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) included.
  • Much of the time spent with campers will be enjoying activities including games in the outdoors, hiking and trekking, swimming, music and drama. This provides a great and unique opportunity to meet new people and make new friends for both the kids and the instructors.
  • The camp is all day, from breakfast at 9 am in the morning until bedtime at night, but there is time to rest during the day, because there are many instructors and you take turns for breaks and siestas.
  • In the camps, there is one instructor for every 4 or 5 children. The tasks to be performed would be English classes in the morning and for the rest of the day games, being with the kids at the swimming pool, taking them on nature hikes, canoeing, archery, drama productions, etc.
  • If you have a particular skill, such as playing the guitar, singing, crafts making, playing any other instrument, juggling, etc, then this will be very welcome.
  • We would love you to spend the whole month of July with us. But, in the case that you are not available for the four weeks, you also have the option to join us for two weeks and earn 500€.

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