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Have you ever been swimming with a whale shark? Expand your diving repertoire with fresh water, cenote dives and explore the exotic Yucatán Peninsula as you work on earning multiple scuba certifications.
Tulum, Mexico
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Study Abroad
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High School

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Maybe you’re already a seasoned diver, but here in the Yucatán Peninsula, take your passion for the underwater world even further. Join us in Mexico for a diver’s paradise as you travel around the eastern edge of the country exploring tranquil waters and ancient caves. The interesting geology of the Yucatán Peninsula gives life to mysterious and stunning cenotes, the likes of which you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Dive through the active cave systems of these ancient pools and dare to discover lost Mayan treasure. Go even deeper still as you spend hours beneath the waves to earn your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, Underwater Naturalist and more.


Snorkel alongside the gentle giants of Isla Holbox. This small island is famous for attracting whale sharks and those interested in swimming with them. You can soak in the exciting history of the island as you swim in an ancient King’s private pool, the site of which later became the home of a famous pirate. The Gulf of Mexico is perfect for experiencing famously beautiful sites up close. Dive off the coast of Cozumel and get cozy with the locals at the Palancar Reef and Santa Rosa Wall, which includes barracuda, moray eels and toadfish, to namedrop a few. Take your diving skills to a whole new level and join experienced cave divers in the famous cenotes of Tulum. Filled with clear water, stalagmites and treasure, these natural pools are also brimming with historical importance and numerous stories to tell.

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Explore the caves of the groundwater system in the Yucatán in the form of magical cenotes. These sinkholes are a result of the asteroid that formed the Chicxulub crater, effectively triggering the mass extinction of dinosaurs. This stunning setting is where you will advance your scuba skills in natural underground pools and in the famous reefs off the Yucatán Peninsula. Go where pirates once frequented and dive below to explore the vibrant life of coral, fish and more along steep underwater walls and in the nooks and crannies of vast reefs. Stay out in the ocean to complete training for different scuba certifications, growing your skills over just 17 action packed days. Go ashore and taste test the local food or relax on a white sandy beach after climbing the heights of ancient pyramids, where you’ll get a view of all the peninsula has to offer.

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  • Trip of my life

    Thanks to Broadreach, I had the most amazing summer of my life. I met a group of people who were strangers to me on the first day, and turned out to become my best friends over the course of the trip. We're even planning a little reunion soon! Besides

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    Bottom Line:Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
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