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This Broadreach adventure combines the perfect blend of French language immersion, cultural exploration, action-packed adventure and community service to create an unforgettable summer experience, in the tropical Caribbean!
Caribbean, Caribbean
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Study Abroad
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High School

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Eager to explore this natural playground, we head out on an overnight hiking excursion in Guadeloupe’s spectacular national park. Dwarfed by giant trees and ferns, we trek to stunning waterfalls and magnificent vistas. Next, we see why the Carib Indians called this place Karukera or ‘Island of Beautiful Waters’ as we kayak to our campsite on the deserted Island of La Biche. There is still time before the sun sets to put on your mask and snorkel and discover the underwater wonders of this tropical paradise. Around the campfire at night, we already feel like old friends as we eagerly discuss the next phase of our adventure.

We spend our mornings at our school studying and conversing with experienced language instructors in small groups. Afternoons are spent practicing our conversational French in real world settings and soaking up the festive island atmosphere. Visit vibrant local markets where women dressed in colorful Creole attire sell everything from fresh mangoes and papayas to local Caribbean crafts. With a group of local teens, participate in drumming, traditional art and cooking lessons which give us a finer appreciation for the Creole culture that is the lively combination of French and African influences.

Take a break from your language studies and set out for more adventure! Explore the natural wonders of Guadeloupe’s forests from a new vantage point as you fly from tree to tree on a zip line and high ropes canopy tour. Try your hand at surfing in the turquoise blue water off the shores of St. François. Our experienced French surfing instructors teach us one step at a time, and before long we feel the exhilaration of catching a wave.

Eager to continue our language exploration, we head to Anse-Bertrand. This time we stay with host families who greet us warmly and welcome us into their homes. Our mornings are spent working on community service projects and our formal language instruction continues in the afternoon. Projects may include helping out at a day camp for local children or working with an organization that assists the needy. In the evenings, share stories from your day as you eat dinner with your family. For a few days you become a real part of the island community, living, working and playing alongside native speakers. You’re more comfortable speaking the language now than you ever imagined possible.

To conclude our travels, we hop abroad a 50-foot catamaran and set sail to the nearby Iles des Saintes. Although we are on the open water, we spend our time speaking French and reflecting on our amazing adventures.

This Broadreach adventure combines the perfect blend of French language immersion, cultural exploration, action-packed adventure and community service to create an unforgettable summer experience. Guadeloupe is a slice of France nestled in the heart of the Caribbean’s French West Indies. The result is a unique fusion of French and Creole influences, with charming towns, delicious food and an easygoing pace of life. A French Overseas Department, Guadeloupe provides a great alternative location for language studies. You won’t hear English spoken here, so prepare for complete immersion in the French language on an amazing island adventure! Home stay in the picturesque seaside town of St. Anne. Hike rugged volcanic peaks and dense rainforests. Try your hand at surfing, sea kayaking and soaring through the forest on a zip-line. Shop in colorful markets and volunteer on a variety of service projects. Then sail to nearby Marie-Galante and/or Ile des Saintes to discover more of this quintessential French island paradise.

Broadreach takes pride in taking the path less traveled, bringing language to life as you embark on unforgettable life experiences. Our programs are not sightseeing trips or teen tours, rather authentic language and cultural immersion experiences in which we learn by becoming part of the places we travel. Truly unique and spectacular destinations are the backdrop for our unparalleled combination of traditional learning, experiential learning and meaningful service learning. Discover yourself and the world you live in while vastly improving your language skills. Along the way you’ll earn college credit and 10-40 hours of community service credit.

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Which side of Guadeloupe are you on? This butterfly-shaped French Caribbean island is actually two islands separated by the ultra-narrow Salt River. So, which Guadeloupe are you? The left half of the butterfly is Basse-Terre: rugged, wet, mountainous, volcanic. Grand-Terre, the right wing, is Caribbean paradise all the way: coconut palms, white sand beaches, aqua blue water, windsurfing, etc. Your exploration into French takes you from our language school in the charming seaside town of Sainte Anne to the living room of a local host family for a week-long French home stay experience. But Sainte Anne isn’t our only destination in Guadeloupe. We camp overnight on the deserted Macou Island, enjoying the white sand beaches. In between weeks of language classes we head to the southeastern shores of Grand-Terre to surf the turquoise waves of Saint François. Then, to finish out the trip, we board a 50-foot catamaran bound for Guadeloupe’s frozen in time outer islands. The picturesque island

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  • Guadeloupe

    My trip to Guadeloupe with Broadreach was by far the best trip I have ever taken. Before the trip, I was nervous that I would have trouble speaking to the locals in French, but after spending a few days I realized I knew a lot more French than I thought.

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    Bottom Line:Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
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