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Expand your multimedia skills in a gorgeous setting. Experience the different angles of Spain and Morocco through the lens of your camera as you photograph and take video of your adventures, recording your thoughts in the written word to tell a cohesive
Granada, Spain; Fes, Morocco; Madrid, Spain; Marrakech, Morocco; Tangier, Morocco
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Study Abroad
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High School

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In Spain and Morocco, join us on an unbelievably beautiful adventure as you take photographs and videos while incorporating the written word. Share your travels and create a professional portfolio. These two countries are physically close, but also share a fascinating and deep history that is perfect for an explorer to discover and document. To do this, you will test out different photography methods in Madrid, getting comfortable with camera settings as you learn about composition, lighting and the ethics involved with being a photographer.


Take an epic ferry ride across the Strait of Gibraltar to arrive in Morocco. The best word to describe this country is colorful, but by the end of the summer you will have many more adjectives to describe your time exploring a blue fortress and traveling through a glittering desert. Study influential novelists and try your hand at nonfiction writing. Practice video editing and expand your passion for visual media. Leave this magical land with the skills to tell a compelling visual story and a portfolio to prove it.


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From the jewelled gardens of the Alhambra to the ancient yet vivid streets of Marrakesh, the region of southern Spain and northern Africa is ideal for capturing varied photos of historic buildings, interesting people and epic landscapes. Leave the vibrant city to capture the stark beauty of the desert. Travel through bustling open air markets and winding castle halls. Write about the view from Spain’s tallest mountain range and record the cactus and stunning architecture that fills Morocco. Learn how to find the most beautiful shot in a scene that is bursting with color, character and excitement.

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