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Trek across Sweden and Denmark, experiencing how sustainable urban design can be implemented on a community and country-wide scale. Apply your experience to solve problems back home.
Copenhagen, Denmark; Stockholm, Sweden
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Study Abroad
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Engross yourself with the creative and technical field of urban design in two of the world’s most sustainable countries. Trek across Denmark and Sweden to experience how sustainability and holistic planning have converged with design, engineering and transportation innovation to create a livable and low impact way of life.

During your trip, island hope on Sweden’s ultra-efficient metro system, enjoy Copenhagen’s historic architecture and “green” culture by kayak and bicycle. Learn to sail on a live-aboard boating adventure and visit a town where all waste is recycled and used as power for daily needs. Synthesizing what you have learned during your stay, apply your knowledge to solve important issues in your community back home through a final project.

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Begin your trip in Stockholm, the most populated City and the capital of Sweden. The area was settled in the Stone Age and has had generations to perfect high density living. Launch into learning about sustainability by working in an urban garden. Learn about how Swedes efficiently heat their homes in the depths of winter and tour a rainwater harvesting center. View innovations that the City has installed, like solar panels to power street lights and how they have engineered a vacuum-sorted underground waste system. Next, journey to Malmo and Copenhagen for a bicycle tour of the countryside. Learn how the Danes have established infrastructure to make commuting by bicycle safe and accessible and consequently, now predominantly commute to work via those routes. Lastly, visit a windfarm and learn what both Sweden and Denmark are doing to ensure they are resilient to Climate Change and rising sea levels.

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