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Academics Course Load: 1-2 courses Credit Load: 6 credits Language of Instruction: English and/or Spanish Minimum Spanish Proficiency Required: Beginner (no previous Spanish experience required). Minimum GPA: 2.5/4.0 Transcript: Issued by Jacksonvil
Barcelona, Spain
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Study Abroad
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Thinking of getting away for the summer, but want to make it valuable for your academic career? The four-week Spanish Culture & Language summer program at Barcelona International College (BIC) offers students the chance to receive U.S. credit for taking courses in the Humanities, Business and Spanish Language at an international campus surrounded by students from all over the world! BridgeVirtual Language Lessons As part of your program fee, you will receive three free BridgeVirtual language sessions for your use prior to your arrival on-site! Each session lasts 2 hours and includes both pre- and post-class online activities, as well as private, face-to-face time with a certified native speaking teacher. With BridgeVirtual, you’ll learn from practical assignments that incorporate videos, blogs, news articles, and a large variety of material, appropriate for all levels and interests. You will be assigned your own teacher, who is dedicated to guiding and motivating you through a completely personalized, one-to-one program, which makes learning fun, practical and effective. And most importantly, you’ll have the language tools you need to be successful in your program abroad. Did you know that Barcelona: Has the most UNESCO world heritage sites of any city in the world? Boasts art and architecture from such famous Spaniards as Picasso, Miró, Dalí and Gaudí? Has 13 Michelin starred restaurants? Is home to thousands of students, both from within Spain and around the world? Has over 3 miles of beach within 15 minutes of the city center? Is host to a completely bi-lingual community? Is no more than a 2 hour flight away from the following cities: Rome, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Madrid?

Academics Course Load: 1-2 courses Credit Load: 6 credits Language of Instruction: English and/or Spanish Minimum Spanish Proficiency Required: Beginner (no previous Spanish experience required). Minimum GPA: 2.5/4.0 Transcript: Issued by Jacksonville University (in order to receive credit, students must receive a grade of C or higher). For a 4-week Summer program at BIC, students have the following academic options: Option A (6 credits): 1 Spanish Language course (45 hours, 3 credits) plus 1 Elective (3 credits each) Option B (6 credits): 1 Intensive Spanish Language course (90 hours, 6 credits) Option C (6 credits): 2 Electives (45 hours, 3 credits each) Possible Courses Include: Great 20th Century Artists: Picasso, Dali, Miro The course is centered on surrealist theory and how these theories were manifested in artistic works. The theories and poetry of Andre Breton and Sigmund Freud form the basis for the analysis of visual works by a selection of painters and sculptors but focusing on the works of Miró, Dalí and Picasso primarily, and how Catalonia influenced their works. Students will study both Breton’s Manifesto of Surrealism and Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams Dreams and how the artists conformed to or rejected, the artistic tradition where their background comes from. Sports and Society in Spain and Catalonia This course will examine various aspects of the relationship between sport and society in Spain, with a particular emphasis on sports with a long tradition in Catalonia. We will examine both the impact of sport on Spanish society and the influence of society on the practice of sport in Spain. The course begins with a consideration of general theoretical questions in the study of sport before moving on to an account of the historical development of sports in Spain in general and in Catalonia in particular. We also examine the reciprocal influences of sport violence, gender, race and ethnic and national identities in Spain. Spanish Civilization and Culture The objective of this course is to acquire general knowledge of the main events of the history of Spain and their influence upon contemporary Spanish life and culture. Additionally, we will discuss the major areas of Spanish life and how they have changed in the last century so as to better understand principal current ideological, political and cultural tendencies. Finally, by comparing U.S. and Spanish cultural trends, students should gain a new understanding of their own culture and cultural adaptation. We will look at far-reaching social issues such as politics, gender, class and religion, as well as issues facing Spain today such as obesity, regionalism, changing trends in food, and especially the Spanish family. International Business In today’s world, all business is international business. Whether you are buying a book, a phone or a new car, the chances are that at some point in the life of that product, several countries or cultures, were involved. This course is meant to be an overview of the tests that businesses face as globalization becomes even more entrenched in everyday life. The primary focus throughout the course is on the economic, political, cultural and legal forces that challenge businesses. International Marketing International marketing is more than a simple application of marketing principles to more than one country. In a world that becomes incresingly globalized, marketing strategies become absolutely essential. Both global and international marketing are attached to each other. In one hand, international marketing involves the firm in making one or more marketing mix decisions across national boundaries. In the other hand, global marketing involves the firm in establishing manufacturing facilities overseas and coordinating marketing strategies across the globe. Cross cultural differences have an important role in both internal and external ways. This course provides the knowledge of the fundamental concepts of international marketing from a European perspective. It is organized so that each class is either a lecture or a case discussion. Spanish Language Courses Students may take Spanish-language courses at the beginner, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced levels; or for the intensive courses, at the beginner and intermediate levels. Spanish language acquisition is a top priority for the staff at BIC and they encourage language development in every aspect of the program. From the Spanish language classes to the excursions to the printed materials, we provide students with multiple opportunities to use Spanish in their everyday life. Admission Requirements: Be enrolled as an undergraduate at a U.S. university or college Have a GPA of 2.5 or higher Have the required minimum language proficiency

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The Host Institution Barcelona International College The Barcelona International College (BIC) offers international students the incredible opportunity to vastly improve their Spanish language skills while earning college credit with courses in English, specially designed for them. The Barcelona International College is located in the heart of the Eixample district of Barcelona – a beautiful, area of the city constructed in the 19th and 20th centuries in typical Modernist fashion. Students studying at the Barcelona International College receive the following benefits: Quality academic classes in English, taught by some of the best faculty Barcelona has to offer Intensive Spanish Language classes for any level of Spanish learner Classes with students from around the world A variety of cultural excursions within the city Weekend excursions outside of Barcelona Wi-fi and computer access Study rooms Terraces and cafés on campus where international studen