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If you’re studying to be a healthcare professional and want to experience what medicine is like south of the Equator, then BridgeAbroad’s Medical Shadowing program in Santiago, Chile is for you! You’ll spend at least a month shadowing an experienced men
Santiago, Chile
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Intern Abroad
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Year Round
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Hours Up to 16 hours per week Areas Students will be paired with medical professionals practicing in their field of interest; in the case that a professional in your exact field isn’t available, you’ll be matched with a similarly qualified practitioner in a closely related field. Once you’re matched with an experienced mentor at a local hospital or clinic, you’ll follow him or her throughout the day, working with patients, making diagnoses, conducting lab work—offering a window into medicine as it’s truly practiced in Chile. Shadowing in Santiago Santiago’s advanced healthcare network is actually composed of two parallel systems: a public system that provides basic medical coverage to patients at all levels of society, and a system of private hospitals and clinics that deliver high-quality care, generally at lower prices than comparable U.S. providers. In addition to showing you medical science in action, your shadowing experience will also enable you to experience this distinctive health-care system from the inside. 24/7 Support Bridge knows that immersing yourself in a foreign professional environment can be intimidating; that’s why we’re there to back you up every step of the way. We’ll conduct orientation sessions to familiarize your with Chilean practices and norms, and we’ll work with you throughout your shadowing experience to ensure you a productive and enriching time abroad.

If you’re studying to be a healthcare professional and want to experience what medicine is like south of the Equator, then BridgeAbroad’s Medical Shadowing program in Santiago, Chile is for you! You’ll spend at least a month shadowing an experienced mentor in your field of interest, showing you what it’s really like to be a doctor and giving you an insider’s view of an advanced South American healthcare system. It’s a great way to test out a potential career field and to build your Spanish skills as you jump headlong into Chile’s fascinating culture. The program takes place in Santiago, one of the most modern cities in Latin America. Home to soaring glass towers and perfectly manicured parks, Santiago’s a cultural powerhouse, with leading museums and some of the best food and nightlife in the Southern Cone. A leading educational presence in Chile for more than 20 years, Bridge will take care of all the logistics, leaving you to focus on what’s really exciting—exploring the world of international medicine and building relationships you’ll cherish long after the return flight. BridgeVirtual Language Lessons As part of your program fee, you will receive three free BridgeVirtual language sessions for your use prior to your arrival on-site! Each session lasts 2 hours and includes both pre- and post-class online activities, as well as private, face-to-face time with a certified native speaking teacher. With BridgeVirtual, you’ll learn from practical assignments that incorporate videos, blogs, news articles, and a large variety of material, appropriate for all levels and interests. You will be assigned your own teacher, who is dedicated to guiding and motivating you through a completely personalized, one-to-one program, which makes learning fun, practical and effective. And most importantly, you’ll have the language tools you need to be successful in your program abroad.

Academics Total Credit Load: No credits earned, unless arranged directly through student’s home institution. Language of Instruction: English and Spanish Level of Language Proficiency: Intermediate or advanced Spanish recommended. Students without intermediate Spanish skills will be required to enroll in an intensive Spanish course prior to shadowing. Minimum GPA 2.5/4.0 Prerequisites Must be a student of medicine or related health science field. Applicants should submit resume and a cover letter stating your particular area of interest within the medical field. Intermediate Spanish recommended; basic Spanish required. Must be 18 or older. Student must show proof of medical coverage while overseas.
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What makes Santiago unique? Santiago’s towering skyscrapers and many multinationals have earned it a reputation as one of Latin America’s best places to do business. But did you know that it’s also emerging as one of the continent’s hotspots for film? Every August, the city gears up for the Santiago International Film Festival, a showcase for all that’s hot in contemporary world cinema. Attention span not long enough for a feature-length movie? Then October’s Fesancor, the city’s International Short Film Festival, may be more to your liking. And if you find yourself surrounded by big-winged fairy princesses and zombies dripping in fake blood, don’t worry. It’s just Fixion Sars, the Festival of Fantasy and Horror Film. Undoubtedly the quirkiest of Santiago’s film extravaganzas, Fixion Sars is held every October, and it includes showings of dozens of classic and cutting-edge films sure to transport you to a happier place (or a more frightening one, depending on your preference!).