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Internship Areas: International Business, Accounting, Communications, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Animation, Architecture, Culinary Arts, Dance, Education, Event Planning, Fashion, Health & Fitness, Hospitality, Government & Politics, Journalism, Inform
Barcelona, Spain
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Intern Abroad
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Year Round
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Are you interested in real work experience in your field, while living in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe? Through the International Internship in Spain program, you can work at an international organization in Barcelona, improve your Spanish, and immerse yourself in the local culture, all while boosting your resume! There are many benefits to participating in an international internship! Your internship in Barcelona can help you to: · Enhance your resume with an internship customized to meet your needs · Gain relevant work experience · Learn about global business practices · Create an international network in your field · Improve your Spanish Language skills · Develop valuable intercultural communication skills · Use your experience for future job interviews and beyond! BridgeVirtual Language Lessons As part of your program fee, you will receive three free BridgeVirtual language sessions for your use prior to your arrival on-site! Each session lasts 2 hours and includes both pre- and post-class online activities, as well as private, face-to-face time with a certified native speaking teacher. With BridgeVirtual, you’ll learn from practical assignments that incorporate videos, blogs, news articles, and a large variety of material, appropriate for all levels and interests. You will be assigned your own teacher, who is dedicated to guiding and motivating you through a completely personalized, one-to-one program, which makes learning fun, practical and effective. And most importantly, you’ll have the language tools you need to be successful in your program abroad. Did you know that Barcelona: Has the most UNESCO world heritage sites of any city in the world? Boasts art and architecture from such famous Spaniards as Picasso, Miró, Dalí and Gaudí? Has 13 Michelin starred restaurants? Is home to thousands of students, both from within Spain and around the world? Has over 3 miles of beach within 15 minutes of the city center? Is host to a completely bi-lingual community? Is no more than a 2 hour flight away from the following cities: Rome, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Madrid?

Internship Areas: International Business, Accounting, Communications, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Animation, Architecture, Culinary Arts, Dance, Education, Event Planning, Fashion, Health & Fitness, Hospitality, Government & Politics, Journalism, Information Technology, Photography, Public Relations, Theatre, and more Internship Hours: Up to 20 per week Intensive Spanish Courses: To give a jump-start to your Spanish speaking abilities, an internship program of 8 weeks or longer includes two full weeks of intensive Spanish language classes. An internship program of 6-8 weeks includes one full week of intensive Spanish language classes. Depending on the internship placement and the duration, you may only focus on Spanish during the first week, or you may jump right into the internship placement. Once you begin your intensive Spanish language classes, you’ll get to meet other international students, and start improving your language skills. Working in Barcelona: Your internship will place you directly in a Barcelona-based company carefully chosen to match your areas of interests. You’ll spend up to 20 hours a week with your organization, working on substantive projects and gaining first-hand professional experience and an intimate view of Spanish professional life. Work will be conducted in Spanish, so an intermediate level of Spanish is required. 24/7 Support: We understand that working in a foreign office can be intimidating; that’s why we’re there to support you every step of the way. Interns will appreciate personal business coaching from English-speaking, on-site staff to help bridge cultural differences. At the end of the program, interns engage in a career coaching workshop titled: How to use this Internship Abroad Experience to Obtain the Job you Want where we will work with you on resume enhancement tips, creating a powerful cover letter, and mock job interviews. Examples of Possible Internship Placements: Marketing Research client market and analyze results of recent marketing campaigns Collaborate on a business plan Organize an annual tourism conference Manage social media channels for the organization Culinary Arts Assist with food preparation, with an emphasis on side dishes and desserts Expediting and plating of food during service Learn about the science and style of regionally-specific Mediterranean cuisine Marketing tasks Fashion Trend-setting spotting, mostly virtually Coolhunting for magazine content Work on the online ship; come up with ideas to improve and expand Help dress models during weekend fashion events Public Relations Maintain database of journalist contacts Prepare press clippings books Research new business opportunities Prepare press conferences Admissions Requirements: Have an academic and/or professional background in your desired internship placement field(s) Have at least an intermediate proficiency level of Spanish

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Accommodations & Meals Host Family A homestay can be one part of meaningful cultural integration and increased safety of the study abroad experience. Homestays are designed to be a mutually valuable experience for both the hosts and the participant. We work to find homestays that want to share their culture and language with the students and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A homestay “family” does not always mean a husband and wife, two children and a cute dog. In fact, what is more common is to live in the apartment of an older, widowed woman who enjoys the company. The thorough screening process, regular family check-ins and homestay reviews allow us to monitor safety and the quality of the homestays we place our students with. Homestays include breakfast and dinner every day, laundry services once a week, a set of keys to the apartment to come and go as you please, and an individual or shared bedroom. Apartments Living in an apartment in Barcelona provides students wit