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Waltham, United States
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Full Degree
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Green & Sustainable Energy

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The MBA subfield of Socially Responsible Business addresses how to evaluate and enhance the impact that businesses enterprises have on society and the environment. Because at IBS, we address these issues in a global context, we refer to this concentration as the Global Green MBA. Career paths for students in this concentration will vary, as the field itself is just emerging.

The Global Green MBA is intended for students who want to delve into issues such as the following: * How can managers achieve success with a "triple bottom line"? * How can entrepreneurs create new businesses that help the environment?

* How can business address the "base of the pyramid" in developing countries?

* How do social and environmental regulations and policies shape business decisions? The crux of these questions is that they aim to address the tradeoffs between social goals, private economic goals, and environmental goals.

The Global Green MBA at Brandeis takes a broad perspective on these issues – it is not just about what corporations do to or for society, but also about how their businesses can be managed to address a broader purpose. "Green" for us means more than "environmental," as indeed it has come to mean for many – it also means the social impact, sustainability, and stake-holder relations of a business. Students in this concentration will learn the workings of business, develop analytical skills in economics and finance, and gain exposure and experience in one or more aspects of the emerging "green" economy.

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