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WHY AN ENGLISH OR DIPLOMA COURSE IN AWI? • Each student is special to us, and this is how we make them feel at our school. • We offer more than just an English or Diploma course. We want to offer you a great Kiwi experience and discover with you some of
Auckland, New Zealand
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Intensive Language
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1-3 months

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Study abroad, Study in New Zealand at AWI International Education Group AWI International Education Group is a private tertiary establishment approved by the NZQA. AWI offers English, Business and Computing/IT courses. Established in 2000, AWI is an excellent educational provider (category 2) with more than 14 years’ experience in the New Zealand education sector. Students come from a wide variety of countries, including China, Brazil, Pakistan, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Korea and Russia. AWI’s teachers are experienced and approachable educators, and current students know them to supportive and understanding. AWI’s institute is located in central Auckland. Campus facilities include a computer suite and workshop, classrooms, student study areas, common rooms, a kitchen and a library. We offer guidance and support in all the areas you need: visa help, airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, job support, etc.

WHY AN ENGLISH OR DIPLOMA COURSE IN AWI? • Each student is special to us, and this is how we make them feel at our school. • We offer more than just an English or Diploma course. We want to offer you a great Kiwi experience and discover with you some of the best spots in New Zealand. • You will dance the traditional Maori haka with students and the school’s staff! • You will have the chance to meet new people from all over the world and make new friends at the same time. • Our English, Business and IT courses will help you to enhance your career prospects, find a job and work in New Zealand. This will be the right step towards your residency! • You will study and live in the third most liveable city in the world!

WHAT IS THE ADVANTAGE OF STUDYING ENGLISH IN NEW ZEALAND? In the learning of a language it is very important that linguistic immersion occurs. Children are more open to receiving new languages but, it is not necessary to start this process during the childhood. If you want to study abroad and decide to take this step, you can start with an English course in New Zealand. Different aspects will improve: • Your confidence using the language will increase; as well as your abilities to communicate with people. • Using the cultural immersion method you are constantly exposed to the new language and you will become like an antenna always receiving and processing the information you have learned in class. • Your independence and personal growth will increase. The advantage of a linguistic immersion combined with an English course in New Zealand is huge. Your teachers will give you the necessary tools to start and progress. You can ask them about any questions or doubts you have, and get used to their pronunciation and speaking speed. In this way you will feel more confident about speaking with different interlocutors and you can put in practise all you have learned. Don’t forget that New Zealanders are very friendly and you will feel very welcome! You can work part time in New Zealand studying at AWI if you pass the IELTS exam with a score of 5.0 and study English in a 6+ months course. Do you want to speak good English? Do not hesitate, go abroad and do an English course in New Zealand at AWI International Education Group. We offer much more than an English course. We offer a real experience you will never forget!
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AWI'S COURSES ENGLISH LANGUAGE: Once welcomed, the student's English ability will be assessed at the school to ensure they are placed in the appropriate level of learning. We offer small group classes so that every student receives individual attention and guidance. Based on a 12 week English study programme, you will gain skills such as, listening, reading, writing and speaking. On completion of each level, students will receive a certificate of English proficiency for that level. English courses and levels: • Elementary • Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate • Upper Intermediate • Academic English and IELTS Exam preparation Academic English and IELTS programmes are not time based, but students' progress is closely monitored to ensure they meet the requirements for further study. Our English programme welcomes students every Monday.

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