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Study in Shanghai, at the University of Shanghai, and take part in an academically challenging program while living in one of the biggest cities in the world.
Shanghai, China
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Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Academic Year, Fall Semester, Spring Break, Winter Semester, Year Round

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Program Description:

Study in Shanghai, at the University of Shanghai, and take part in an academically challenging program while living in one of the biggest cities in the world. Apply now - you will get the confirmation of the study place within a week!

Shanghai University, established in 1922, is a public, research-driven university at the heart of the city of Shanghai. The university gained its current form in 1994 after four different universities in Shanghai, all leaders in their fields of expertise, merged. Coincidentally, the current Shanghai University enjoys a reputation of having an excellent curriculum across different fields of studies, as well as having decades of experience in diversified disciplines. In line with Shanghai’s status as a modern, international metropolis, Shanghai University is known for its robust international cooperation and development. The university has prestigious partner universities all around the world and highly values its faculty and student exchange programs. So far, students and faculty from over 100 countries around the world have come to teach and study at Shanghai University. There are nearly 38,000 students enrolled at Shanghai University of which 3,000 are international students.

You will gain skills and experiences that are useful in all aspects of your life during your time abroad. In addition to improved language skills, your studies abroad will give you genuine insight into different cultures and countries. You will also gain numerous contacts and a network that can enrich your life both at home and abroad. During a study abroad period, most students form friendships that last for a lifetime. Studying abroad can also better equip you for your future career. In addition to new valuable contacts and potential future colleagues, you will gain skills and expertise you can utilize when developing your personal resume. When your skill level increases, your salary potential and eligibility for more jobs multiplies as well.

Setting Description:
Since its origins, Shanghai has been seen as a port between the east and the west. The city influences commerce, culture, finance, media, fashion, technology and transport, and its modern skyline, infrastructure and mindset are truly futuristic at times. Shanghai literally means “on the sea” and its location both by the biggest river in China and by the East China Sea dominates and flourishes the city’s existence and nature. Shanghai embodies how a melting pot of cultures in China can lead to an affluent, successful and intrinsically international city with a bright future.
3500 USD. A semester at Shanghai University costs 3500 USD .Application fee is 97 USD. Besides the study place you will get AE's services, AE Guide, AE Student Card and Orientation Ceremony. The study materials can be acquired either free-of-charge or very affordably. Most often the tuition fees at Asian universities are more expensive for free movers finding a study place on their own.

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