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Volunteer and internship program in Busan South Korea
Busan, Korea
Program Type:
Volunteer Abroad
Degree Level:
Gap Year
Work Types:
Arts, Children, Education, Translation
1-2 weeks, 3-4 weeks, 1-3 months, 4-6 months, 7-11 months, 1 year, More than 1 year

Program Overview

Program Description:

We are currently running a  language cafe near the BEACH SIDE

Looking for the people who can help me.

We are in Haeundae ; the place you are going to live in

1. Center of Tourism ; aquarium / beach / hotels / hostels / mountains / river / temple and etc. 20 mins by walk

2. Middle High Class Living Area ; very safe and organized town / Busan people love to live this town as Gangnam

3. The Most Famous Beach in Korea ; lots of activities and travellers` center

4. local markets, restaurants, convinient stores, bars, hospitals, cinema even Department Store within 3 mins

5. Internationl Organizations ; Busan Culture Center, Bexco, International Schools, Busna Film Festa. and etc

6. Convinient Public Transfortations ; Subway / Bus stops with 3 mins we are near the metro staion Jangsan

If you have worked / stayed in a good place, you already know it's like the best part of your journey with a more international crowd. This is a fun city, with more to do than most people expect.

Our past & current staffs often stay longer than planned because they feel *️️*️️THIS IS GREAT PLACE*️️*️️


A. 4 hours a day, 5 days a week / weekends off*️️*️️*️️*️️

B. Accommodation + Food ; Rice, Bread, Ramen, Kimch, Cooking Oil, Carrot , Bean, Corn Sugar, Salt, (black) pepper, Soybean Souce, and etc. [ can cook with very big and fully equipped kitchen]

C. Make new friends & world travel contacts! mostly more than 22 volunteers working together

D. Internship Certificate and reference available*️️*️️*️️*️️

E. Learning Basic Korean [ 2 month long course with good Korean teacher with Certificates ] *️️*️️*️️*️️

F. Weekends off / Diverse Social Activities with Locals

Our work is centered on the culture and language exchange and we use English as an official language for the communication. You will be asked to take a part in the following works:

Cafe Host: This will be your main work here as a helper, you will have to do multiple tasks related to running the cafe, such as cleaning and helping members. Keep in mind that the Korean students who join are often quite shy. it also includes taking part in events, handing out promotional flyers.

Marketing, blogger; if you are good at Advertisement, commercial, or blogging apply to the IT manager position.


1. Female dorms available [ very organized and clean with new facilities ]*️️*️️*️️*️️

2. Enrich social life - meet and party with young travelers from every continent!

3. Get experience and recommendation letters for school or future work!

4. Explore the surrounding cities from Busan [ 50 mins to Ulsan / 1 hour to Gyeongju ]

5. Volunteer in Busan South Korea with people from different backgrounds [ balanced nationalities ]

6. Making Korean friends [ we have Korean Home Stay Program in which you can live with ] *️️*️️*️️*️️

My goal is making a huge international family, and I would like to work with people who are positive and active~

As Home Language Cafe & Hostel

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