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Enroll in Arabeya Language Center in Egypt and gain proficiency in the Arabic language.
Cairo, Egypt
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Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Academic Year, Fall Semester, MayMester Intersession, Rolling Starts, Spring Break, Spring Semester, Summer, Winter Semester, Year Round

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Situated in the stunning city of Cairo, this exceptional institution specializes in comprehensive language courses, as well as cross-cultural exchange programs in order to cultivate a deeper appreciation of the Arabic culture in its students. The center is connected to a number of universities and academic institutions in different parts of the world.

At Arabeya, we specialize in one-to-one and one-to-two lessons. This approach is one that we have been, and continue to be, committed since our founding. With only one student in the classroom, your time will be optimized. This allows you more opportunities to speak, participate, and listen in the ideal fashion.

  • Program Highlights 

    • Receive full attention from the instructor, helping improve your Arabic greatly in no time!

    • Experience life in Egypt while immersing yourself into its rich cultural heritage.

    • Tailored classes to your own weaknesses and strengths.

    • Study Arabic in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere with students from around the world.

    • Make lifetime memories during your time with us and your mates.

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Scholarships Description:
Arabeya fellowships enable gifted applicants, regardless of their financial circumstances, to live in Cairo, enjoy its rich culture, study Arabic language, and gain work experience in the fields of E-marketing and administration.

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