Program Details

A unique learning experience during your summer holidays, or you feel you’re not getting enough from your University studies and the necessary tuition and complete immersion that will allow you to propel your Arabic to the next level in a matter of weeks.
Cairo, Egypt
Program Type:
Study Abroad
Degree Level:
Academic Year, Summer

Program Overview

Program Description:

This is available to you no matter your proficiency level. Your course options include combined MSA and ECA program, Egyptian colloquial Arabic, or modern standard Arabic. All these are offered at a similar price and without extra charges.

Standard courses run for four weeks. But the duration may also differ upon your request, wherein the minimum is two weeks. Our Intensive Arabic Summer Program is an ideal option if you are a university student looking to hone your Arabic language skills during the school break.

When it comes to the accommodation, we can arrange one based on your needs with extra charge to the program fee.


  • Immerse yourself into the Arabic language and Egyptian culture, helping improve your Arabic in no time!

  • Study Arabic in a very comfortable and friendly atmosphere, where you will have fun with our big family.

  • Enjoy events and extracurricular activities throughout the year.

  • Make memories you'll never forget during your time with us and with your mates.

  • Book the program with or without accommodation, and enjoy the flexibility of our programs.

Additional Program Information

Scholarships Description:
Arabeya fellowships enable gifted applicants, regardless of their financial circumstances, to live in Cairo, enjoy its rich culture, study Arabic language, and gain work experience in the fields of E-marketing and administration.