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Learning Modules Learning Modules are designed to give students an overview of pertinent topics and to create a forum for discussion. Learning modules will be conducted in a classroom setting with occasional outings to cottage factories, markets, and the
Cochabamba, Bolivia
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Study Abroad
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Program Description This combined internship, learning workshop, and cultural experience program is designed to introduce students to socially responsible business practices, international business, and environmental respectfulness in business. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how business works in a developing nation, and how it relates to export markets such as the US and Canada. Participants will engage in hands on learning and will produce a measurable intern project by the end of the program. Program Overview The AHA Bolivia internship program will focus on three major areas: Learning modules Practical internship Cultural activities

Learning Modules Learning Modules are designed to give students an overview of pertinent topics and to create a forum for discussion. Learning modules will be conducted in a classroom setting with occasional outings to cottage factories, markets, and the like. Modules include but are not limited to: Fair Trade, Ethical Trade & Corporate Social Responsibility; Globalization and the Supply Chain; Sourcing; Bolivian History & Current Events. The modules will be taught by a PhD professor invited down to Bolivia from the Educators for Socially Responsible Apparel Business (ERSAB) organization in the US.* *Modules will be taught by an ERSAB professor if a minimum of 5 students sign up for the AHA Bolivia program. Otherwise, the modules will be taught by a local English-speaking teacher or facilitator. Practical Internship The practical internship portion of the program is designed to give students hands-on experience working with a socially responsible business focused on cottage industry and export. The practical internships can be individual or group based, depending on the content. Level of Spanish language knowledge will vary depending on the internship project selected. We will work with you to choose the best project for your background, experience and needs. Internships can be for-credit if prior arrangement with your university is made. We offer the below internship projects but are also open to suggestion for additional tailor made projects: Environmental Impact: AHA Bolivia’s ing bag line is currently sold to numerous shops in North and South America. These bags are made from a signature recyclable plastic material, inspired by the local Bolivian market bags. Ideally, 100% of the bags sold will eventually be returned to AHA Bolivia after being converted into recycled material. The intern will research all possibilities for accomplishing this, will propose partnerships with organizations capable of recycling the bags, and will create an efficient ‘reverse’ supply chain to get the bags from customer to AHA Bolivia as recycled material. (Note: a basic level of Spanish is preferred but not necessary). Domestic and International Marketing: AHA Bolivia has recently stepped up its’ international marketing efforts by creating several websites. Additional work remains to be done in order to make the business more sustainable and in order to give the craft workers a more steady income. It is the interns goal to increase domestic and international marketing efforts via social networking, e-newsletters, press contacts, in-showroom events, contact with local businesses, etc. (Note: domestic marketing interns will need to posses at least an intermediate level of Spanish, international marketing interns need not know Spanish). Creative marketing ideas will be a plus in this internship. Product Development: AHA Bolivia has several different lines of products it offers to retailers abroad. It will be the interns task to diversify these products lines and propose new and innovate products. The intern will become familiar with the current target market, will evaluate buying trends, and will engage in product development with the knitters, bag makers, and other craft workers. An additional goal of the product development intern will be to propose products made out of various recyclable materials and scraps AHA Bolivia has saved. Socially Responsible Landscape: The ideas of social responsibility, fair trade, and ethical trade are all gaining more and more momentum. As a business that was built on socially responsible principles, AHA Bolivia is now looking to join the wider network of like-minded colleagues to share resources and ideas. It will be the interns task to research the wide variety of membership and certification organizations for corporate social responsibility, fair trade, ethical sourcing, etc. and determine which organizations would best suit AHA Bolivia. Time permitting, the intern will then start the process of applying for membership or approval with chosen organizations. Cultural Activities AHA Bolivia believes that cultural emersion is necessary to really understand how businesses function in different countries. Some cultural activities will be built into the Learning Modules, but the program will also offer interns optional evening and weekend cultural excursions to become even more familiar with Bolivia and her people.

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Cochabamba, Bolivia From Wikipedia: Cochabamba is a city in central Bolivia, located in a valley bearing the same name in the Andes mountain range. It is the capital of the Cochabamba Department and is the fourth largest city in Bolivia with an urban population of 608,276 (2008)[1] and a metropolitan population of more than 1,000,000 people. Historically, Cochabamba has been a destination for many Bolivians from the western highlands due to relatively improved economic opportunities and a more temperate climate.
Program includes Practical Internship Learning modules & accompanying activities (6-8 hours per week) Accommodation, shared housing Artisan site visits Spanish classes (6 hours per week) Airport pick-up Does not include Airfare Meals Travel/Emergency Medical Insurance (required) Optional cultural activities Cost $1600 for 4 weeks