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List of selected subjects: *Oil Painting *Tempera Painting *Acrylic Painting *Descriptive Drawing (pencils, charcoal pencils, chock,etc.) *Figure Drawing *Technical Drawing *Drawing the Human Head *Portrait Drawing Accademia Riaci customizes the curricu
Florence, Italy
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Study Abroad
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Academic Year, Fall Semester, MayMester Intersession, Rolling Starts, Spring Break, Spring Semester, Summer, Winter Semester, Year Round

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Program Description:
The drawing and painting major is housed in the division of studio art in Florence, Italy. The program's curriculum emphasizes creativity and self-expression and is designed to provide students with life-enriching skills. Our students work closely with a dedicated faculty of many professors whose works represent a broad range of contemporary painting and drawing approaches, thus having the possibility to familiarize with various techniques and methods. The program encourages students to create and interpret their projects with the intellectual rigor and refined skill required to become professional artists. Instruction is conducted primarily through a tutorial method emphasizing equal attention to each participant. Candidates work independently, under the supervision of the instructors. Students acquire a comprehensive understanding of both the material elements that compose artworks and the concepts that make them meaningful. Our extensive educational approach cultivates in students the awareness of what is being done in the present and what has been done in the past, encouraging them to relate their own practice to both the current context and earlier historical ones. For this purpose, we require the study of art history, theory, and critical thinking to complement the studio work. At the end of a year, faculty interviews all participants to evaluate their progress and achievements and effectively guide them towards the graduation. The one-year study culminates in the portfolio exhibition.

List of selected subjects: *Oil Painting *Tempera Painting *Acrylic Painting *Descriptive Drawing (pencils, charcoal pencils, chock,etc.) *Figure Drawing *Technical Drawing *Drawing the Human Head *Portrait Drawing Accademia Riaci customizes the curriculum according to the participants' preference, level of expertise and goals. Thanks to this flexibility in our teaching approach, we are able to meet the diverse needs of our students.

TYPOLOGIES OF PROGRAM We offer several courses that vary in level, duration and intensity of the study: - One Year Course (Basic/Atelier/Specialty) - Master Course - Short courses - Summer intensive courses *For further details, please inquire directly to our staff Art visits on Fridays, Computer and Free Wifi available in the school building, English/Italian/Spanish interpreter service, Student support, Italian language lessons, Internship placement, collaboration with local companies/laboratories
Setting Description:
The school is conveniently located in the central part of the city, between the Duomo and St. Lorenzo church, only three minutes away from the central train station. The school building is a historical structure built for a queen. Lessons are held in the school's atelier, which can be freely used by students also outside the class hours.
Art Short Course:please inquire directly Intensive Course:please inquire directly One-year Course:15,000 Euro Atelier Course:12,000 Euro Master Course:16,000 Euro Internship: Please inquire