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Many students interested in Leadership Academy will be the next generation of America's leaders, diplomats and international entrepreneurs.
Boston, United States
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Study Abroad
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High School

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For young people who have a serious interest in international politics and foreign affairs, this Boston based program is a perfect fit. You will prepare for a college major in International Relations and potentially a career in the Foreign Service, learn about diplomatic history, protocol, negotiations and strategy. You will also acquire leadership and public speaking skills that will serve you well whatever your future interests might be. From understanding the current challenges to international security to acquiring public speaking and negotiation skills, the Young Diplomat and Leader Academy will have you fully prepared to take on the problems affecting today’s world. If you’re passionate about making a difference, this program is perfect for you!

International Relations and 21st Century Politics Familiarize yourself with major trends in political, economic and cultural relations within the international system of the 21st century during this series of classes on International Relations. Lectures help students define the role world powers, international organizations and NGOs play in a variety of global issues, including nuclear non-proliferation, terrorism and conflict-resolution. Introduction to Public Speaking and Global Leadership During this series of public speaking and leadership workshops students will learn key elements to public speaking and becoming an effective leader. Topics include constructing an action plan, peer mediation and negotiation, project management, networking and active listening and motivation techniques. Introduction to Economics, International Business and Finance Learn about the fundamental relationships and important players in the global economic and financial arena. Students will use simulations, case studies and real-life examples to analyze the current international economic environment.

U.S. National Security The events of September 11th shocked the consciousness of the American people and brought about profound changes in the domestic and foreign policy of the United States. This seminar covers new challenges to the security of the United States, such as terrorism, regional instability and nuclear nonproliferation. Discussions will also be held on “soft security”issues, such as climate change, the environment and the world population problem. Environmental Studies Take on contemporary issues related to global climate change in this exciting and informative series of targeted workshops addressing our environment. Coursework will examine environmental problems in a broader context of international politics and U.S. interests. Key topics include global warming and climate change, sustainable development, green energy, biodiversity and conservation.

$4,095 USD. WHAT'S INCLUDED All academics (majors, electives and workshops) All meals and housing (three meals a day) All activities, excursions and day trips International phone and Wi-Fi plan Airport “Meet and Greet” Service at student arrival and departure terminals Domestic airfare plan 24 hour medical and emergency assistance Travel coverage Pre-Summer Language Courses and Tutoring Online

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Abbey Road offers various partial summer fellowships and scholarships annually to its summer programs.

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