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Children Orphanage Assistance Missions (Volta Region) (Western Region) The children come from a variety of situations including loss of one or both parents, physical and sexual abuse, extreme poverty, and more suffering than many of us can imagine. Many
Accra, Ghana; Ho, Ghana
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Study Abroad
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Academic Year, Fall Semester, MayMester Intersession, Rolling Starts, Spring Break, Spring Semester, Summer, Winter Semester, Year Round

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The Volta Region is the vast easterly area, bordering Togo, located about 3-4 hours from the Kotoka International Airport. Volta boosts an amazingly picturesque landscape from lush rolling hills to natural pools and lagoons. This region is also dominated by the river Volta and Lake Volta, a great fishing lake as well as a popular recreational area. Volta is famous for its festival, dances and ceremonies. The people of the region are made up of Ewe, Adele, Nchumuru, Akpafu, Atwode and several other tribes, which reflect the rich diversity of history and culture of the ethnic life in the region. The Volta provides a bit of something for everyone. The beaches are some of the best in West Africa, there are caves and grottos, natural waterfalls, nature reserves, monkey villages, natural parks and colorful markets to explore.

Children Orphanage Assistance Missions (Volta Region) (Western Region) The children come from a variety of situations including loss of one or both parents, physical and sexual abuse, extreme poverty, and more suffering than many of us can imagine. Many of these children have been denied the chance at an education as well as the basics for survival-food and shelter. The orphanages we support strive to provide a better future for some of the most vulnerable children in Ghana by providing love, food and informal education. As a volunteer, you will primarily assist with the daily care of the kids; including feeding babies, playing games, teaching songs, reading activities, creating arts & crafts projects and sharing your affection and attention with these wonderful children.

Teaching Program (Volta Region) (Western Region) Volunteers have the opportunity to make a lasting difference in Ghanaian rural communities through education. Based on government decree, all Children have the right to free, compulsory, universal basic education on all levels. We offer placement in pre-school, primary and secondary schools teaching math, science, geography, business education, computer training, English, art and music. The objective of this program is to contribute to the academic development of the Ghanaian school in order to provide the best opportunity for sustainable quality education. Volunteers are not required to have teaching experience, but need to be resourceful and take initiative as materials are sometimes scarce. Ability to plan and be self-motivated is important, as often you will not have direct supervision. Due to the school schedule, placements are available beginning of January until the end of March, beginning of May until the end of July, beginning of September until mid-December. Minimum two week program suggested.
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HIV / AIDS Awareness and Care (Volta Region) (Western Region) Ghana, like all of Africa has been hit hard by the HIV epidemic. Volunteers work with a local organization that provides HIV/AIDS education and support to rural communities around the Volta Region. The project is to advocate for women, children and families in the fight against preventable diseases as well as mobilizing communities, strengthening their capacity and using their own resources for acceptable and sustainable projects. The organization's key areas of focus are: HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support, and reproductive health. Some of the activities for this program include: Visit local schools to promoting safe sex and HIV prevention, assist with local workshops, awareness programs and support session, and help create woman empowerment projects for surviving widows of the community. Experience in this field is not required. Volunteers with a strong interest in making a difference are welcome.
Medical and Dental Care Missions (Volta Region) (Western Region) Health care volunteer placements are open to medical professionals including doctors, dentists, nurses and EMT’s. This program is also open to nursing and medical students in all medical fields. As a medical volunteer you will work with local staff in support of the health care efforts. There is a wide variety of cases but disease such as malaria, HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and syphilis, as well as childbirth/maternity needs are most c

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