A Study Abroad in the United Emirates Program may be a great fit if you are interested in combining academic study with a hands-on experience of the Middle-East. Located near the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) shares borders with Qatar, Oman, Iran and Saudi Arabia. The Emirates were established in 1971 and is a federation of seven emirates, of which Abu Dhabi is the capital.[i] While Arabic is the official language, English is spoken and used in business and education especially in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.[ii] Whether you are interested in studying Arabic in an immersive setting or taking classes in the land of oases, a Study Abroad in Dubai warrants consideration.

Why Consider a Study Abroad in Dubai United Arab Emirates?

Known for sand dunes, date palms, oil reserves and Sharia Law among other things[iii], if you are ready to adapt different customs while you potentially earn school credit, a Study Abroad in the United Arab Emirates may be a great way to experience the unfamiliar. Choose from a variety of program options in cities such as Sharjah and Dubai.

FUN FACT: While English may be understood, if you want to say “good morning” you might say ‘Sabah-al-khayr’[iv]

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