Summer Study Abroad in Switzerland ProgramsA Summer Study Abroad in Switzerland Program may be a fantastic way to explore one of the wealthiest countries in the world[i] while you potentially earn valuable undergraduate credits. Geographically stunning, Switzerland is well-known for the Swiss Alps to the south, the hilly Swiss Plateau, the Jura mountains and numerous lakes, such as Lake Geneva. Summers are generally warm and offer the opportunity to explore the landscapes, especially if you enjoy hiking or the mountain biking culture. If you are ready to put an international flair into your undergraduate education, studying abroad in Switzerland during the summer term definitely warrants consideration!

Why Consider a Summer Study Abroad in Switzerland Undergraduate Program?

Apart from spectacular flora and fauna, a Summer Study Abroad in Switzerland places you in a country with one of the oldest constitutions in the world.[ii] Plus, think of how inspiring it might be to study in the country known its many Nobel Prizes, Albert Einstein, and four official languages (German, French, Italian, and Romansh). Whether you learn to yodel, or not, summer boasts a strong recreational culture and there will surely be opportunity to discover local customs and events mixed into the academics. Choose from a variety of undergraduate programs that are offered in popular cities in Switzerland such as Lugano and Geneva.

FUN FACT: Try to figure out which of the four languages a person speaks before you greet them; in most cases if you are trying to say “hello” use the Swiss-German ‘Gueten Morgen’ for a formal greeting[iii]

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