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If you want to study in Salamanca, Spain, you’ve come to the right place. Through our site you can browse programs of various types, durations, and intentions. You can also learn a bit more about Salamanca to get a sense of what it might be like to live there during your study abroad experience. Enjoy your exploration!

Why Study in Salamanca, Spain?

When you’re not in school, you’ll be wandering through the streets of Salamanca. Salamanca presents some of the quintessential Spanish charm. Picture a city full of stone buildings, red-tiled roofs, and narrow walkways. Imagine bustling squares surrounded by age-old cathedrals and stunning architecture. Try to sense the magic of a city at once moving and still; dynamic and simple. This environment could provide the backdrop for a fascinating yet peaceful study abroad experience. Read on to learn more.

What Might It Be Like to Live and Study Abroad in Salamanca Spain?

Located in northwestern Spain, Salamanca, or the “Golden City” is an ancient city that serves as the capital of the Province of Salamanca. It’s part of the community of Castile and León and is chock full of universities that attract international students, making it a relatively diverse community. Its oldest school, the University of Salamanca, was founded in 1218 and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.[i] No matter where you study abroad in Salamanca, be sure to pay a visit to this age-old treasure.

While Salamanca is considered a modern city with updated amenities, its fascination, intrigue, and beauty lies in its status as an ancient Celtic city. Its Old City, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, sits atop a hill and, thanks to its many sandstone buildings, glows in the sunshine, giving the city its above-mentioned nickname. A fifteen-arch Roman bridge crosses the Tormes River into the Old City and adds to its romance and charm.

In the Old and newer parts of the city, streets and walkways brim with ancient churches, cathedrals, palaces, and universities, giving Salamanca a stately and grand feel. Architecture from numerous eras—Roman, Gothic, and Renaissance—dance through the city and give it a strong sense of historical significance. Museums, public art, and the Central Market enable visitors to learn about its past, present, and future. All in all, Salamanca provides an interesting historical and cultural context for students studying abroad.   

Things to Do in Salamanca:

  • Hang out in the Plaza Mayor, perhaps Salamanca’s most treasured public square. Grab a café con leche, some friends, and a book of poems, and head to this famous landmark.
  • Take a detailed look at the University of Salamanca. Touch and take pictures of its stunning artistry. Behold its timeless beauty.
  • Visit the Casa Lis, otherwise known as the Museo Art Nouveau and the Art Déco. Enjoy the building’s unique architecture and its portrayal of the decorative arts across time.
  • Discover the history of the Convento de San Esteban as you walk around and within its hundreds of years old walls.
  • Find a guide to architecture and wander Salamanca’s streets deciphering distinct styles and eras. Use your senses—sight, hearing, and touch—to get a sense of Salamanca’s roots. Then head to any of its wonderful museums to read about its history.

These are just some of the things you might do to enhance your time in Salamanca. You might also consider traveling by bus or train to another part of Spain or even crossing the border into Portugal, its nearby neighbor.

Keep in mind that in a study abroad program, you’ll be balancing your sight-seeing with your studying. This could prove a brilliant combination as going to school may allow you to meet locals, talk to your teachers about what you see in the city, and get a sense of what it’s truly like to be a student and resident in another part of the world. Not to mention that you’ll likely get to practice your Spanish as you meet Spanish-speaking people, navigate the city and its attractions, and live everyday life. Given the expansive gift of a study abroad experience, why not study abroad in Salamanca?   

How Can I Find My Perfect Study Abroad Program in Salamanca?

High school, undergraduate, and graduate students may find opportunities to study a variety of subjects across disciplines in Salamanca, Spain. You can use our search tool to browse by program level (gap year, high school, undergraduate, or graduate), term (spring break, summer, semester, year-long, and others), or specialty (from architecture, to history, to women’s studies). Alternatively, you can browse our featured listings to get a broader sense of your options. Whether you’re a student taking a break before going to college, a travel-hungry student in hot pursuit or a bachelor’s degree, or a graduate student ready to submerse yourself in another culture, we likely have options for you. When you find a program you like, contact it through our website for more information or to register. Then, prepare for your adventure! Your great experience could begin now! Good luck!