Summer Study Abroad in Madrid | Madrid Summer Semester ProgramsIf you’re going to go to Spain, Madrid is a great place to start. Madrid is a bustling city filled with modern conveniences and traditional charm. It has broad boulevards and cozy, cobblestone streets; expansive shopping malls and colorful artisan markets; modern architecture and buildings that span that centuries. Madrid is a city of many faces, and for many students, it’s the perfect place to visit.

Why Consider Summer Study Abroad in Madrid Programs?

When you spend your summer studying abroad in Madrid, you enjoy an extended vacation in a dynamic city while earning academic credits. You expand your mind and your heart at once. You enjoy a life-enhancing adventure while also taking practical action. You brush up on your Spanish. You catch buses to great places around Madrid. You meet Spanish people and people from around the world. You experience life as a local, and you see the sights as a tourist. Summer study abroad programs in Madrid allow for a nicely balanced experience.

While you’re in Madrid, be sure to:  

  • Visit museums! El Museo del Prado, la Reina Sofia, and Thyssen-Bornemisza are must-sees and part of Madrid’s Art Triangle.  
  • Peruse through parks! Spain takes great pride in its gorgeous parks. Visit Casa de Campo, el Retiro, and Jardines de Sabatini.  
  • Eat good food! Madrid is an international city with foods from many cultures. Its Spanish cuisine is also excellent.

To learn more about summer study abroad programs in Madrid, explore your options here. You can begin your journey now by taking this simple step. Spain’s capital city eagerly awaits your arrival! Fun Fact: “Albondigas” are meatballs, “mantequilla (or manteca) de cachuete” is peanut butter, and “tortilla” is not flat bread for making burritos! Head to Madrid and order “Tortilla Española” to see what it is!