Summer Study Abroad in South Africa ProgramsWith eleven official languages and multicultural diversity a Summer Study Abroad in South Africa Program is likely to combine rich exploration with the potential to earn valuable undergraduate credits. Summer in South Africa is generally temperate, its landscape diverse and ranging from the exotic beaches of the coastal belt to the south-western Cape Fold Mountains. Whether you choose to study public health, social change or business, a Study Abroad South Africa program is worth considering for an undergraduate summer term.

Why Consider a Summer Study Abroad in South Africa Undergraduate Program?

A Summer Study Abroad in South Africa might be appealing if you would enjoy participating in history-in-the-making. Apartheid has been banished since 1990, and South African culture encompasses a multitude of languages, cultures and religions.[i] Whether you hope to study racial justice in Cape Town, walk the same streets as Nelson Mandela, learn the Africaans language or discover the biodiversity of its geography, a South Africa Study Abroad sounds like a fascinating and enriching way to combine undergraduate academic credit with a memorable summer experience. Choose from a variety of programs and cities such as Johannesburg, Durban or Port Elizabeth.

FUN FACT: Want to ask “How are you?” in Africaans? Say ‘Hoe gaan dit?’

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