Moscow is central to Russia in many ways. It is geographically central and has historically been the political center during some of the country's most turbulent times. As the capital today, it is the center of politics and of the changes that are sweeping the country. More than any of these things, however, Moscow is the symbolic heart that has always sustained the vast land of Russia. 

Studying in Moscow offers students the fascinating opportunity to see both the effects of the past and the promise of the future. The amazing history of the city can be seen in such places as the Kremlin, which features monuments from the different ruling powers over the ages. Ivan the Terrible and Stalin both ruled from the Kremlin, but so did the Russian Orthodox Church, a fact which can be seen in the many stunning cathedrals inside the perimeter.

For those looking for culture, Moscow is sure to satisfy in that department as well. The city is renowned for their selection of museums, theaters, public libraries, and concert halls. Wonderful art museums are spread throughout the city such as the Tretayakov Gallery, which houses the world's best collection of Russian icons and an impressive collection of pre-revolutionary Russian art. Also not to be missed are some of the city's literary museums. They are typically dedicated to a particular writer and often situated in that writer's house. Some of the more well known include Tolstoy, Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Gogol, and Lermentov.