Summer Study Abroad in Morocco | Summer in Morocco ProgramsWith both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines, the Sahara Desert, the Atlas mountains, and cultural influences from France and Spain, a Summer Study Abroad in Morocco Undergraduate program is likely to be an enriching adventure. Whether you hope to study Arabic in Morocco or explore another academic subject, why not combine the possibility of earning valuable undergraduate credit while you explore the ethnically and culturally diverse atmosphere that studying in Morocco has to offer?

Why Consider a Summer Study Abroad in Morocco Undergraduate Program?

With 2 official languages (Arabic and Berber), and cultural influences that include Berber, Jewish, Arabic, French and Spanish, a Summer Study Abroad in Morocco warrants consideration. Summer in Morocco may be hot, but it also boasts cultural festivals and activities such as the World Sacred Music Festival at Fes. Choose from a variety of programs in major cities such as Rabat, Mattakech and Tangiers; with diversity ingrained in both culture and cuisine, a Morocco Study Abroad may be a fantastic way to spend your summer term!

FUN FACT: Want to say “hello” in Arabic? Say ‘marHaban’ but keep in mind that there are different customs for greetings in Arabic-speaking countries especially between men and women

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