As the birthplace of opera and the sonnet, a Study Abroad Italy Theatre and Drama program might be the undergraduate experience of a lifetime! From its rich history of dramatists and poets such as Dante Alighieri to recent academy awards for Best Foreign Language film, studying theatre and drama abroad in Italy warrants consideration.

Why Consider a Study Abroad Italy Theatre and Drama Undergraduate Program?

Whether you are looking for a semester in Florence or Tuscany, a Study Abroad Italy Theatre and Drama undergraduate program allows you to potentially earn valuable academic credits while you absorb the artistic essence of Italian language and culture. Whether you want to study ballet, physical theatre or filmmaking, Italy is considered the birthplace of the sonnet, the opera and its theatrical roots date back to ancient Rome. It is more than likely you will be inspired with all the museums, monuments and local flavors along your stay. Choose from a variety of popular cities and programs that are sure to make you look forward to studying theatre and drama abroad in Italy.

FUN FACT: Trying to say “theatre” in Italian? It’s easy; say ‘teatro’ 

Featured Program Information

  • Loyola University Chicago

  • SAI Programs

  • CISabroad

  • ArtsAbroad

  • Dance Italia

  • Duke University

  • Associazione Europea Danza

  • Helikos International School of Theatre Creationo

  • EUTHECA-European Union of Theatre and Cinema

  • Go Inspired

  • Global Student Experience (GSE)


  • La Bella Vita Arts Workshops

  • Syracuse University Abroad

  • The Umbra Institute

  • Rising Stars International Inc

  • Teatro Studio Maschera

  • Study Abroad Europe

  • Spoleto Study Abroad

  • New York University

  • Young Film Academy

  • Virginia Commonwealth University

  • MKC Academy of Makeup & Hairstyling

  • New York Film Academy

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