Study In Italy Academic Year

Italy is the perfect location to spend a semester or year. A Mecca of culture, art, science, history and so much more, with historically famous structures, museums and cathedrals scattered throughout its numerous cities and expansive countryside, Italy offers students a world like no other. Why study art in a textbook when you can experience David and the Sistine Chapel in person? What better way is there to learn history than to visit Pompeii or the Coliseum firsthand? Can you imagine holding your religious studies class in the Vatican? Study in Italy academic year programs allow students to fully immerse themselves in the culture, heritage and language of Italy. Students have the opportunity to visit historic sites and learn first-hand. 

Make Study in Italy a Reality

Studying abroad in Italy will not only enrich you as a student, but as a person, and there is so much to see and do, that to live there for less than a semester would be to cheat yourself out of some truly exceptional treasures. Making an academic year commitment to studying abroad in Italy will allow you to challenge yourself and develop. 

Immersion in Italy

Since you've chosen to study abroad, you already want to immerse yourself in a new environment. Make sure you have the full experience. Make sure you stay long enough to consider yourself a resident. Make sure you search this directory to find the ideal semester or year-long program for you.

Featured Program Information

  • Florence Culinary Art School

  • Gonzaga University

  • James Madison University

  • Fairfield University


  • BAU International Academy of Rome

  • Accademia del Lusso

  • CiaoItaly

  • Accademia d'Arte e Design Leonetto Cappiello

  • Firenze Arti Visive School of Fine Arts

  • Istituto Superiore di Architettura e design (ISAD)

  • George Mason University

  • Global Student Experience (GSE)

  • inlingua Genova

  • Helikos International School of Theatre Creationo

  • Koiné - Italian Language Centre

  • Haute Future Fashion Academy

  • Stile Italiano - Schools of cooking

  • Grenoble Graduate School of Business

  • Fondazione Studio Marangoni

  • Indiana University, Bologna Consortial Studies Program

  • The Florence Institute of Design International

  • The Florence School of Fine Arts

  • Nikitas Language Abroad Schools Co

  • Loyola University Chicago

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